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  • galantfoxjr galantfoxjr Apr 20, 2007 6:58 PM Flag

    PFE & MCD only Dow stocks managing to close down!

    In the meantime, over the last year, SGP is up 50%, MRK is up 45%, and PFE is up only a meager 10%. Over the last two years, SGP and MRK are both up 40% and PFE is up 0%. These are the numbers that are important to me, not earnings or dividends with which you are so fascinated (obsessed). Apparently most investors like MRK and SGP and they don't like PFE. You can call it market irrationality all you want, but the fact remains PFE, relative to the other pharmas such as MRK and SGP, is not regarded very favorably by investors. We also know that Vytorin that was marketed by SGP and MRK is eating Lipitor's lunch and the bite will become even bigger over time. I think there are some very serious issues associated with PFE and the biggest one is its continued inability to deliver drugs in its pipeline in a timely fashion which includes the flop torcetrapib and the continued delay in the Exubera introduction. These are the factors that have the biggest impact on a pharma's stock price and recently PFE has performed miserably. I don't buy in to your market irrationality concept whereby MRK and SGP are the darlings and PFE is the villain. Based on the company's performance, I think that PFE stock price is about where it ought to be.

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