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  • clint_stockwood clint_stockwood Jul 26, 2007 7:17 PM Flag

    Post from TYC board shows every single one of 10 Top Picks


    by Chartloser for 2004 finished the year down, & not just by a little bit.

    Those for 2005 were even worse, so bad in fact, that Chartwelcher "resigned" from his own contest undertaken to prove he could win, even after continually changing the rules!

    Yeah, I know, hard to believe, huh?

    Re: Chartness you are incorrigible (Not rated) 28-Nov-04 06:55 pm Not one winner, in the bunch, as in, every one is down!!! Hahaha!!! From Tycoville, jbs0690<br>===============================================<br>Subj: Re: Chartness you are incorrigible<br>By: johnboy123456780<br>Date: 11/28/04 04:24 pm<br><br>I always BUY whatever you RECOMMEND, so here's how I'm doing with youR Top Ten picks for 2004:<br><br>ODSY -56%<br>LF -48%<br>UTSI -41%<br>BVF -28% (Like you, didn't sell when it was up.)<br>OVTI -23%<br>PFE -23%<br>DCGN -21% (Like you, didn't sell when it was up.)<br>HLTH -19%<br>BMY -18%<br>AUO -12% (Like you, didn't sell when it was up.)<br><br>I can't wait for 2005!

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    • chartnuts said " Yes - I have more than doubled my money from March 2003 lows"

      I for one am the skeptical type and especially on an anomymous message board like this, I don't believe anyone's claims of investment success or relative success unless I see IN REAL TIME trades, lists of stocks, etc. Anyone can claim AFTER THE FACT that most of their portfolio was in AAPL, RIMM, BIDU, etc. I'm not believing a word of it.

      You can "take it to the bank," etc. - just don't expect me to be a big believer. With me, nobody gets a reputation for being a fine investor, etc. unless I see the trades or portfolios IN ADVANCE

    • So, you won't answer the question as to how poorly you've done since market low in March 2003. No wonder, since you can't have made any money at all. Nor have you ever netted anything investing on your own in your entire life, despite the pitifully few stocks on which you've actually had a decent return.

      You really ought to do as so many have advocated over the years & hand over all your assets to a professional manager.

      You're an absolutely execrable investor & are never going to beat just holding an S&P fund.

    • Pfizer (PFE) - 11/17/04 through current. Another huge roller coaster. I was down by as much as 68K at the 98-months closing low on 12/12/05 and I have been up by as much as 96K (6/1/07). While I currently have a 6K paper loss, all I need is a $26.85 stock in six months to show a 100K profit. And a $31 stock in 18 months will allow me to have a quarter-million profit. <<<<<<<<<<<<

      How much will 24 show as a profit?

    • Chartnuts, please explain how you managed to double your portfolio since "bear market lows" in Oct 2002 or Mar 2003, with 1/3 of it now down, with 2004 a worse than write off, 2005 & 2006 the same. Please name the stocks that allowed you to better than triple the non-PFE 2/3 of your portfolio in this period. I'm perplexed.

      Comment also please on being margin called in 2003. Being so far down on TYC of course meant that you had nothing to invest in the many real winners that year.


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