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  • hotpanera2 hotpanera2 Aug 12, 2007 7:52 PM Flag

    LLY's 2011Zyprexa expiry vs. PFE's Lipitor expiration

    Respected management, no major failed drugs that have not been replaced, no miss in Q2. That's what other companies have for starters. You have completely failed to deal with these differences and just keep posting consensus estimates. In the abstract, they tell you nothing about what Pfe's PE should be. Maybe if Mrk has nothing new in the pipeline, its PE will decline in a year. I keep telling you 2 separate things and I won't repeat them again:

    1. Pfe is inferior to other big pharma companies in terms of perception of an appropriate PE for the above reasons.

    2. EVEN IF there were no differences, as there are, you assume that Pfe's PE should rise to Lly's and Mrk's. It is just as likely that the other companies' PE should fall.

    IF Torcetrapib were still expected to be approved, and if Exubera had lived up to expections even minimally, and if the street had confidence in Pfe's CEO, I am confident that the PE would be higher. But that's not where we are, plus there has been no demonstration that a major acquisition is coming. So Pfe has become a "show me stock" ahead of the Lipitor expiration.

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