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  • galantfoxjr galantfoxjr Aug 13, 2007 4:06 PM Flag

    LLY's 2011Zyprexa expiry vs. PFE's Lipitor expiration

    Here is an excerpt from your recent post:

    Will MRK have as favorable a late-stage pipeline as PFE will by the end of 2009? Does MRK have anywhere near as favorable a patent expirations schedule as PFE has post-Lipitor?

    I and everyone else on the PFE board other than perhaps you are interested in one and only one statistic, the PFE stock price. Over the last two years the stock prices of pharmas such as MRK and SGP have increased over 50% while during the same time the PFE stock has dropped. That's the only thing that counts to us. We are interested in 'late-stage pipelines' amd 'favorable patent expirations' only by how they effect the bottom line, the stock price, and not by the smooth sounding words. In spite of spending 8 million dollars a year in the research and development of new drugs, PFE has gone nowhere other than coming up with two gigantic flops, torcetrapib and Exubera. The analysts and stockholders are not enticed by rosy depictions of 'late-stage pipelines' and 'favorable patent expirations'. They are interested only in results. Gardasil, Januvia, and Vytorin are evidently regarded as more valuable products than Lyrica, Chantix, and Sutent. Evidently the analysts and stockholders have more confidence in MRK than PFE in spite of the Vioxx issues, and that is the reason why the MRK stock price is more than twice that of PFE. The way for PFE to turn it around is to actually bring to market drugs from its 'late stage pipelines' that Americans need and want. No more 'wordsmithing'. What we need are some good concrete results. Your words and statistics do not count and a case in point is when you predicted on this board how well PFE was going to do in its last earnings report. That was a flop also.

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