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  • jjohns8181 jjohns8181 Nov 11, 2007 4:56 PM Flag

    What are the Best ways to avoid Paying Taxes

    i.e. deductions any opinions are appreciated.

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    • Rather than avoiding taxes consider sending in about 10% extra. We live in a great country and it is a great priviledge to pay taxes in the fist place.

      I have overpaid for nearly 40 years. I skip deductions that I could take because I love this country. I owe taxes because due to a good income and that is due to the great country I live in.

      It is like serving in the miltary. You don't have to, but for nearly 400 years we have always been in the roll call.

      The USA is one of the few countries where most people willingly pay taxes. I know that many new Americans cheat in many ways, but hopefully they will learn from our cheerful example.

      Of course, I also vote for politicians that don't waste the tax money whenever one is on the ballot. I admit that finding one of those is a little rare.

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