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  • galantfoxjr galantfoxjr Dec 3, 2007 1:10 PM Flag

    How my 100K investment in Pfizer is faring

    Those Missouri investors are not buying in on your earnings figures. They would have if those earnings figures would have correlated with the PFE stock price over the last five years but they didn't. I agree the earnings figures are up but the stock price has gone absolutely no where and that is all that matters to the Missouri investors. Get it in your head once and for all. The rosy earnings figures are doing nothing to increase the stock price. YOu know the old saying, 'Statistics are for the losers'. You are quoting earnings numbers that have not correlated at all with the only number that matters, the stock price. I believe that those Missouri investors are still demanding that PFE come up with some new drugs to grow the bottom line, preferably from their current dysfunctional R&D division which has that whopping 8 billion dollar annual budget before they think about investing their money in PFE. Those Missouri investors might suggest that PFE fire its R&D staff, as well as lawyer Kindler and his buddies and use the 20 billion dollars that they have in cash to hire the MRK scientists and the MRK management staff. After all, the MRK stock price has gone up two fold in the last two years so you can't argue with success. Also we are hearing desperate strategies of possibly paying huge sums of money to buy drugs from other companies. You are not hearing that from MRK. I think that they have convinced the investors that they can grow their business a lot cheaper and more efficiently by developing their own drugs like they have always done in the past. I think that strategy makes more sense to the Missouri investors. All PFE has to do is make the decision to put out a huge amount of money for a drug company that turns out to be a bust. If that ever happens, heavens forbid, PFE stock will go to zero and you can forget about your 100K PFE investment. Merck doesn't have to take that risk. It develops it own drugs.

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