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  • deo_adjuvante deo_adjuvante Jan 7, 2008 2:35 PM Flag

    Gooburpeez's relentless pursuit

    Gooburpeez, clint_stockwood, c.hart13 et al...

    Your relentless pursuit and obsession to prove Chartness wrong is proving to be ineffective. Your dedication to this cause is leaving most readers except a few with a sour taste in their mouths. Spending sixteen hours per day and seven days a week under all your various aliases is simply making an idiot of yourself and is proving what a lard#$%$ you really are. Anyone with any modicum of intelligence would be able to come to this conclusion, but you're not.

    In the interest of helping you cope with your problem, I'd like to ask you to take a step back, relax and analyse what you've been doing during the past year. Talk with your wife, lover or children and ask them for their input with regards to uncovering if you should seek professional or psychiatric help. Don't procrastinate as these things happen to the best of us. Emotional issues rooted in the past can leave us all with feelings of inadequacy and most often will exhibit itself through transmutation or metamorphosis thus causing the onset of vindictiveness and hence spurts of shouting profanities for no reason whatsoever. Without examination, this appears to be your most recognizable peculiarity.

    Your contribution to this board at one time was super, but since your breakdown has kicked in, you haven't been the same. Mental illness comes in a very subtle way. Not everyone recognizes the disorder and so, close relatives must have already noticed the transformation. Alzheimer's has characteristic related to the above, but your doctor would be the best source to consider for a complete diagnosis.

    For the sake of your readers, consider turning a new page and if you can bring yourself to recognizing the aforementioned, everyone on this board will benefit, you the most, if still in the early stage.

    The best of luck to you.

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    • Nice to see you posting again ruffy!

      Here's a sampling of chrt13's "expertise:"

      Feb 10, 2006 "Both of their real high-margin drugs (Lipitor and Celebrex) are going to ramp up nicely in '06 "

      More from Feb 10, 2006 "The stock won't even sniff a price as low on the close as the $23.78 seen on Jan. 3. The 30% minimum range theory which almost never fails tells me to expect the stock to get at least to $31 this year. I'm confident enough about that to have made a Loser Leaves Board wager with chartopotamus2003.

      I'm liking that wager better than ever along about now."

      Jan 18, 2006 charty sez: "Don't you know that McKinnell expects to see dramatic improvement out of Celebrex starting this year?"

      Nov 30, 2005 "I definitely DO see double-digit EARNINGS growth - starting in 2007. "

      Jan 21, 2005 he says "The FDA Advisory Committee on Cox-2's convenes three weeks from this coming Wednesday. I expect that their report will do for PFE what the Boies report did for Tyco. It will provide cover for physicians to recommend Celebrex and Bextra again to arthritis patients in normal dosages without having to be worried about malpractice lawsuits... At any rate, the consensus analysts' estimate for '06 is $2.23 per share as compared with a $2.15 estimate for '05. So even in absolutely their worst year, analysts do NOT foresee an earnings decline."

      And on Feb 6, 2005 chartnuts sez: "The Cox-2 nonsense is going to disappear in two weeks when the FDA Advisory Committee convenes. There may be warnings for high-risk heart patients but it's a foregone conclusion that the drugs will remain on the market. And when that is made official, there will be quite a few earnings upgrades. That's because many analysts have completely eliminated Celebrex and Bextra from revenue and earnings consideration "in the interests of conservatism." When absolutely NOTHING is factored in and the drugs remain on the market, what do you suppose will happen with the estimates. PFE should be a low-30's stock by year-end and close to $40 by the end of '06."

      August 24, 2005 the idiot sez: "Bextra was removed from the market. However, a lot of Bextra users will now switch to Celebrex... With the cost-cutting, management now expects double-digit earnings growth to resume next year after only a one-year hiatus. Management now sees PFE as being a double-digit earnings grower for the foreseeable future whereas many investors and analysts viewed this as a 3 or 4% grower."

      Eternally Wrong chartnuts!

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