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  • suckeesuckeesuckee suckeesuckeesuckee Mar 28, 2008 8:55 PM Flag

    Chart ole boy

    You are one truly pitiful, pathetic, pussy, pissant piece of pointless polecat poop, Ruffvanzantibeattyblubberinmonkeyturd.

    Before sinking into his present slough of meaninglessness, before launching his retirement career as the biggest superloser & professional wealth destroyer in all cyberspace, even your now worse than worthless butt buddy Chartnuts managed to make minor contributions to society during his not quite useless time on earth, serving in the Navy, working in a doctor's office as bookkeeper & secretary, elevated to administrative assistant, with hobbies like bridge, hookers & horses.

    But you, what? Spending the taxpayers' disabiliy dollars all day every day compulsively posting psychotic, ad hominem attacks on people who have achieved things in their lives, under hundreds of different aliases in chat room after chat room, never contributing anything of value even in this meaningless, time-wasting, masturbatory activity.

    This obsessive, embittered sick behavior is beyond repulsive & disgusting. It's not even sad, since you're wasting no valuable asset, as no one would have hired you in any case. You're completely useless, have never done anything but use up oxygen & take up space.

    Have you considered at least volunteering, assuming anyone would want you? Do you even recycle or mulch your shit? That would at least be something. How about donating organs, not that they're probably usable?

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    • I'm guessing that particular twisted sick fuck weak sister is also Organ Boob.

      Same bitterness toward any & all who have done anything with their lives, same lifelessness spent in chat rooms where they're just as unwanted, laughed at & hated as in the real world.

    • In the hands of an expert editor, I suspect that a certain collection of the posts on the PFE board couid successfully be published in (paperback) book form.

      I can see it now: "The PFE Chronicles." Perhap there's a reality TV show in it as well.

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