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  • johnnyt1971 johnnyt1971 Jun 6, 2008 12:43 PM Flag

    Unofficial: - BUSH getting ready to attack Iran - this is


    posted on the SIRI message board yesterday by someone claiming to know a few guys on an aircraft carrier in Persian Gulf - probably not supposed to leak oout - but it apparently has.....makes sense seeing Obama is no wartime president.....McCain will clench this one easily if this transpires

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    • Typically, your ignorance is total.

      Lebanon was carved out of Syria by France in 1943, shortly before Syrian independence.

      You know nothing. You believe the lies with which Zionist imperialist Nazi colonialist invaders of the Middle East have indoctrinated you.

      You can't name wars between Arab states, can you?

      Palestine existed before Israel. The US used its influence to carve Israel out of Palestine, the capital of which was Jerusalem. Egypt occupied Gaza & Jordan the West Bank after the imperialist Europeans stole Arab land in the Catastrophe, since Palestine wasn't allowed to have the government called for by the UN.

      Abbas recognized Israel at the start of the current round of negotiations, ignoramus. He also agreed to 1967 borders as a starting point for negotiations, but insisted on Israel granting equal rights to non-Jews.

      The negotiations continue despite attempts by Hamas & radical Israeli extremists to torpedo the process.

      Not only is your ignorance is total, but your prejudice as well.

    • What wars between Arab countries do you have in mind?

      Syria & Lebanon are the same country, with Lebanon carved out of Syria by the French to give its Christian population control over other groups there. But even there, Syrian entry into Lebanon was by invitation. Fighting among groups there wasn't a war between Arab states but a civil war, caused by Israel's expulsion of Palestinians from the homeland in which they had lived for at least thousands of years.

      Are you perhaps thinking of religious-based civil strife among Arabs in Iraq? Again, no war between Arab states.

      So tell me, which wars between Arabs do you have in mind?

      How then can you argue that American aid to Arab states is to keep them from fighting each other? You're absurd, ignorant or both, but obviously a bigot.

      Palestine agreed to recognize Israel, & what have they gotten for it? The slaughter of innocents in Gaza, which Israel has turned into a concentration camp.

      Carter saw the truth behind the Israeli Nazi genocide there.

    • 17% chance by 30 Sept 2008 on

    • America isn't allied to Israel. Why do you lie?

      Where is the treaty?

      Israel stabs America in the back at every opportunity.

      No two countries can possibly have the same interests, least of all Israel & the US.

      Which country do you support, America or its enemy Israel?

    • Blah blah blah!!!! and blah blah.... blah blah, blah and blah! So then blah blah blah!

    • What army is going to do that. The national guard, which is on the frontlines in Iraq

    • It might work out. Maybe Old Jesus will return from the sky and straighen all the fuckers out. Of course, most of you will be burning in hell. Other than that, don't think it will help PFE.

    • You stupid, ignorant, anti-American dumb fuck cocksucking, asslicking traitor!

      Even if Israel could have found someone else to sell them high performance fighter bombers, just where in the fuck do you think they could have gotten the money to buy the jets, you crazy sod?

      America not only is the only country that will "sell" Israel weapons, but we give them the money with which to "buy" them.

      You are too stupid, ignorant & insane to be alive, traitorous to your own country dog!

    • No, it doesn't.

      Post the figures, liar!

      But in any case, those private donations cost the US taxpayer big time.

    • "Ron Paul said we give alot more aid to Arab countries"

      And he is correct. We give billions annually to Israel and give billions more to the arabs. Ironically we don't have the money to finance the aid, so we borrow..from other countries.

      "We should have not backed the Taliban against the Russians. We should have stayed out of that."

      It is called blowback and one of the reasons that gave motivation to the 9/11 terrorists for thier actions. They did not bomb us because of our freedoms. The USA has not learned yet as we still meddle in other countries affairs.

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