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  • baalhadad baalhadad Jun 7, 2008 1:13 PM Flag

    Obama will free America from Israeli bondage!

    Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, free at last!

    Minister Farrakhan, blessings be upon him, for Secretary of State!

    Finally a diplomat willing to put American interests ahead of Israel's!

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    • You are a jerk. If you have not figured it out you do not live on an island. The biggest mistake that we made as a country was not taking care of business back during the hostage crisis in Iran. These terrorists hate us and Isreal is an ally and probably our only friend in that region. If you vote for Obama you are an idiot.

    • The Palestinians are to the Likud Party like the poor in New Orleans are to the Republican Party.

    • Just answer the question.

      To which country do you owe your allegiance, the US or Israel? Why is that a tough one for you?

      Talk about childish morons!

    • Israeli atrocities outrage the region & world more because Israel is a colonialist, imperialist Western power imposed on the region.

      Somehow genocide by invaders seems worse than indigenous genocide. Not that Arab states are all that popular with their non-Arab neighbors, either.

      Nobody in the world however supports Israel anymore except the US, although some other countries sell them things. They used to be able to count on support from other pariah states, but those are few & far between now.

    • The Arabs in Sudan are killing non-Arabs there, but the US doesn't provide aid to Sudan, so what's the relevance to this discussion? The reasons why the US gives aid to Arab states was the topic under discussion.

      America wouldn't be supporting Egypt & Jordan to the same extent if it weren't for backing Israel, too. I really don't see how that's even debatable, except perhaps in the warped mind of Zionist enemies of humanity in general, America & Arabs in particular.

      During the Cold War, when Libya switched to pro-Soviet & Egypt switched from pro-Soviet to pro-US, there were also reasons for Ameica to support pro-Western regimes, but that's no longer the case. And even then, the USSR had an opening in the region because of Arab anger over US backing of Israel.

      There have been a few Arab regimes as brutal, even genocidal, as Israel, perhaps, but certainly not proportional to population.

    • Yes, Iran isn't an Arab country, so why did you mention it.

      Iraq invading Kuwait is a valid example, although Iraq justly claims Kuwait, which was separated from it by the British, when Turkey controlled Iraq & had gotten weak.

      The invasion was wrong, but the Sabah royal family aren't a legitimate Arab government. Iraq unwisely attacked the whole country to get paid the money Kuwait owed them for stopping Iran, instead of just occupying the oil fields along the disputed border, which the West wouldn't have gone to war over.

      So now you're going to maintain that because of that single, dubious instance of an Arab-Arab conflict, that the US gives billions in aid to Egypt, Jordan & other Arab states, which clearly is motivated by paying them off for making peace with Israel?

      It is to laugh!

      As for McCain & AIPAC, all you have to do is look at his funding for 25 years, his statements & his votes. Or his campaign literature, with him posing in front of Israeli flags.

    • So, you can't support your baseless assertion that McCain isn't a tool of AIPAC, despite all indisputable evidence to that effect, just as you can't name a single war between Arab states since independence.

      Like all Zionist dupes & stooges, an anti-American, complete & total ignoramus liar.

      Move to Israel & fight for the imperial power to which you owe your allegiance!

    • Obama will increase gas price at the pump buy $2..... after he pulls the military out of Iraq.... say good by to the oil fields..

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