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  • baalhadad baalhadad Jun 10, 2008 9:46 PM Flag

    Testing, testing

    Israeli Fascist pig dogs already have stolen the majority of Palestine, using mass murder & terror ethnically to cleanse Christian & Muslim land, villages & cities, but not content with that, want now to drive the survivors of the Nakhba into tiny enclaves, surround them with walls, wire & gun towers, close off all road, sea & air access, & control the water supply & jobs, in order to drive out even more people whose families have lived there for thousands of years, since outright cold-blooded murder is no longer usually possible, given 21st century communications & world opinion.

    You prate as if the tiny shreds of the Palestinian homeland left to its legitimate inhabitants is a great gift from the generous foreign invaders! Under Israel's plan, 95% of Palestine would be in Israeli hands, & the rest tiny Bantustan concentraion camps, totally at the mercy of the brutal, ruthless, Nazi invaders.

    Israel won't last as long as did the Crusader States, 200 years. The last imperialist European colony in Asia will disappear in the lifetime of Palestinian children now being born.

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