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  • dont_put_me_on_ignore_list dont_put_me_on_ignore_list Aug 16, 2008 5:11 PM Flag

    DJIA 30 Stock Analysis

    I've been holed up with a knee injury this past week, and decided to spend most of my time analyzing the 30 stocks that comprise the DJIA. You PFE longs may be happy to know that I've ranked UTX #2. This is based on both fundamentals and technicals (leaning more toward the fundamentals) and the time horizon is short term - out to 6 months. Here's how I ranked them: (1) UTX, (2) PFE, (3) WMT, (4) JNJ, (5)MCD, (6) GE, (7) INTC, (8) MSFT, (9) MMM, (10) MRK, (11) DD, (12) DIS, (13) HPQ, (14) IBM, (15) HD, (16) KO, (17) PG, (18) VZ, (19) AXP, (20) JPM, (21) C, (22) BAC, (23) T, (24) GM, (25) CAT, (26) BA, (27) CVX, (28) AIG, (29) XOM, (30) AA

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    • dont_put_me_on_ignore_list dont_put_me_on_ignore_list Aug 2, 2009 1:04 PM Flag

      Well, it's been almost a year since DPMOIL issued his ranking of best stocks within the DJIA, so let's see how he did.
      It turns out that there is only one stock that had a positive return since the ranking was developed in mid August '08. And that's JPM, with a barely positive 1.44%. Biggest loser was, of course, GM which lost 100% of its value. Here are the results for all 30 in order: JPM (1.44%), MMM (-4.05%), HPQ (-5.04%), HD (-5.67%), IBM (-6.7%), VZ(-8.37%), XOM (-8.7%), KO (-9.55%), MCD (-13.43%), JNJ (-14.6%), MSFT (-15.4%), WMT (-15.89%), MRK (-17.1%), T (-17.26%), CVX (-17.49%), UTX (-18.46%), PFE (-20.35%), INTC (-20.78%), PG (-22.47%), IDS(-22.71%), AXP (-27.36%), DD (-32.32%), BA (-33.47%), CAT-37.33%), BAC (-51.82%), GE (-55.03%), AA (-63.02%), C (-82.96%), AIG (-97.14%), GM (-100%).

    • dont_put_me_on_ignore_list dont_put_me_on_ignore_list Aug 21, 2008 5:37 PM Flag

      chrt: AIG hit an intraday 13 year low today. I guess consecutive multi-billion dollar losses will do that to a stock. DPMOIL

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