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  • chrt13sezz chrt13sezz Feb 23, 2009 8:31 PM Flag

    Tracking the Obama market

    8,281 - Dow close on 1/16/09, the last session before inauguration
    7,115 - Dow close on 2/23/09

    Dow decline of 20.0% with Obama in office.

    For the S & P 500, the index went from 850 on 1/16/09 to 743 today, a lesser decline of 12.6%.

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    • Here is an excerpt from your post:

      Thank God we have Obama to lead us out of this mess. Praise Jesus and the President. You need to go to church.

      No church, temple or deity will be saving America from the power-hungry super-liberal Democrats that know there's a lot more average and poorer folks than wealthy folks and that will use class warfare and redistributionist policies to try and perpetuate themselves in power.

      Obama says that he won the election and in his mind, that gives him the mandate to grant every wish that the libs have. Pork falls like rain. Government is the solution for everything for someone like him.

      The only thing that will stop this Reign of Terror will be a sharp rebuke at the polls in the 2010 midterm elections. In the meantime, this looks like the Barack Obama/Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi show and Heaven Help Us that don't care for what that Unholy Trinity stands for.

    • Yes - Bush did indeed put us in two wars and I heartily support both of them.

      Afghanistan was an absolute no-brainer as the Taliban that were in power were harboring the likes of Osama and they were allowing terrorist training to occur in that country. After 9/11, it was a given that there would be an all-out effort to oust the Taliban.

      I'm also very much in favor of the war in Iraq because it should be a must that when an aggressor nation defeated in war signs a cease-fire or peace treaty, that nation must live up to terms of those agreements or else face resumption of the war. These agreements are not mere pieces of paper to be flaunted.

      Saddam was a scofflaw as to virtually every provision of the cease-fire - culminating with ejecting the U.N. inspectors in 1998. Clinton should have resumed the 1991 was IMMEDIATELY when that happened.

      I'm also a person that very much believes that Saddam indeed had WMD and that he transported them to friendly Syria and the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon just before the U.N. inspectors were allowed back in the country in late 2002.

      You say nobody ever found those weapons? How could they when the weapons were moved to sovereign countries like Syria and Lebanon that wouldn't allow inspectors in? Obviously nobody is going to find WMD in Iraq when they have been moved to Syria and Lebanon. How many inspectors looked in THOSE countries.

      In April of 2004, Abu-Musab-al-Zarqawi, a Jordanian citizen who hated Jordan, attempted something brazen - smuggling in deadly nerve gas that could have killed 80,000 Jordanians and incapacitated 160,000 more. Fortunately, the convoy attempting to get to Amman was intercepted. No less a personage than Jordanian King Abdullah II told the world where that nerve gas originally came from. In the Middle East, only Iraq was known to possess that commodity. Not even Israel is known to have it. But Saddam did. The convoy that was intercepted originated in SYRIA (where the WMD was ostensibly moved) and was heading to Amman, Jordan.

      Regarding Bush and the subprime mess, none of the greatest economists in this country saw it coming. Those in charge included the likes of Greenspan, Bernanke and Geithner. If THOSE men didn't see it coming, nobody was going to see it. Don't blame Bush when such top men were calling the shots and even they didn't see any looming threats.

    • RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 1 Reply to biospaceman21hero
      • REALIST! I don't give a hoot about his skin color. But I do care about what his economics are like and color them REDISTRIBUTIONIST, SOCIALIST and CLASS WARFARE!

        There's sure nothing racist about those things. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and a lot of Congressmen and Senators that are white as can be are nevertheless ultra-libs and are a lot more interested in power politics and handing out pork than doing what is good for the country.

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