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  • Retired_1998T Retired_1998T Mar 2, 2009 12:17 PM Flag

    Marge alling Charty..Come in Charty...


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    • Am I Diversified?

      1. Cash 2. Cash available via atm 3. Cash available by check. 4. Pension with COLAs. 5. Real Gold on Hand
      6. Bullets 7. Guns 8. Bandaids/pharma(antibiotics,pain relief) 9. Huge food/water storage. 10. Large supplies of Oil/gas +natural gas.

    • The bears on this Board have been better than 99.999999% of the rest of the investment universe.

      It's stunning--but it's a fact.

    • And that spew flowed from him 4 months ago.

      The 'problem' (once in a life time whatEver) had been well identified by then and great risk as well.

      Unless you live on Planet chartness.


    • "had I not been so leveraged in Pfizer, the money would have been lost anyway in the likes of GE, LVS and others."

      Please Sir, may I have another heaping helpful of Splenda in my lemonade?!!!


      "So stock prices are supposed to come down to 1995 prices? Do you know what Pfizer earned per share in 1995? 41 cents a share for the full year - with payment of a 17-cent annual dividend.

      In 2009, they are expected to earn $2.49 per share and they will pay $1.32 or $1.36 in dividends. Do you think that PFE should be at the same price in 2009 as it was in 2005?

      Should it matter as far as PFE's stock price goes if 2009 earnings for the S & P 500 are unusually low because of losses at GM and some financial stocks?"

      "Pfizer has had a dramatic, sustained period of outperformance blah blah blah The dividend yield is finally high enough with the stock in the 15's and 16's that BEGRUDGINGLY has finally arrived - even in this once-in-a-lifetime market."

    • I think chrty violently attacked retired's post with bad RECs. There wouldn't be a reason for anyone else to downdrade that post.

      It is likely the real money is all gone now and he may have some residual calls , but quite a few less and not very far out in time line.

    • You may be exactly right Retired.

      They guy may be playing with Monopoly money.


    • Dunno about GE, but comparable stocks lost 90% or more of their value in Oct 1929 to July 1932.

      What made you think that PFE was riskless?

      I guess you know as little about economic history as about investing & everything else.

    • I'm only using about 40K to 50K of the annuity funds all told. The rest of the money that I transferred to the brokerage account is just sitting there in cash - it isn't being invested.

      These are extraordinary times and I'm having to take steps that I never dreamed I would have to.

      And in case you are wondering, had I not been so leveraged in Pfizer, the money would have been lost anyway in the likes of GE, LVS and others. With PFE, while I do have some stunning losses, I was also forced to keep quite a bit in cash to margin the naked puts.

      Without being in naked puts, the money would have been invested in stocks that plunged and the money would have been irretrievably lost. I simply wasn't good enough to put my dough in "toothpaste stocks." I would hardly call investing money in something like GE speculative but you see what happened - that market bellwether is down an amazing 80% just since early April. This truly is a once-in-a-lifetime market.

      In what other market have you seen Dow stocks or former Dow stocks like AIG, C, BAC, GM and GE lose practically all of their value within a year-and-a-half/

    • This is all his made up money...

      Craving for attention, he strings together a story and all follow..

      I think all are already aware of this...:-)

    • <<Yes - and when she did, she left me 275K to be put into an annuity>>.

      And she trusted you to follow her express directions that the funds not be put in the market. It would be one thing if, as in the past, you simply moved funds from the annuity to provide margin availability. Still not what she wanted, but the funds would at least have been in cash. But you're way beyond that. To fulfill the addiction, you keep putting more money in on a leveraged basis, using the annuity as the source of funds. Even if you refuse to delever, you didn't have to increase the leverage with annuity funds.

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