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  • chrt13sezzheaintkowtowing chrt13sezzheaintkowtowing May 15, 2009 11:28 AM Flag

    Back in the boat


    Options expiration is largely dragging the stock back to the $15 area. Now if only it would be around that same price five weeks from now.

    At any rate, the July monthly option series will be introduced on Monday and sometime between then and the third Friday of June, I'll be rolling my 135 June 16 covered calls to the July 16's. I'd also like to roll most of my June 15 covered calls to the July 16's as well although I may continue writing a few 15-strikes for that month if the premium is attractive enough.

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      Re: Appears Pretty Advanced With WYE 23-Jan-09 03:43 am

      Just plain horse sense should tell you that it isn't very intelligent to be issuing beaucoup shares of stock that is selling near the lowest PE in history to acquire another pharma that has almost as serious "patent cliff" problems as Pfizer.

      As for economies of scale and cost-cutting, the combined company would have almost NINE billion shares outstanding and even cutting as much as $1.35B pre-tax and $1.0B after tax would only increase EPS by 11 cents from my figure. It would STILL be only about $2.45 as compared with the $2.65 that would be seen if Pfizer acquired decent smaller pharmas strictly for cash. And the $2.65 would also be a little higher after the cost-cutting and economies of scale.

      No - this deal makes little sense to me. Hopefully it will never happen.

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      Re: lly ceo says pFE/WYE deal.. 5-May-09 06:14 pm
      WYE makes a LOT of sense for Pfizer. LLY never could have afforded it.


      Chrt13 said on Jan 23, "this deal makes little sense to me."

      Chrt13 said on May 5, "WYE makes a LOT of sense for Pfizer."

      'nuff said!


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