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  • chrt13sezz chrt13sezz Jul 20, 2009 1:41 PM Flag

    Mirror, mirror on the wall

    Which big American pharma today is the fairest of them all?

    At the moment, 1:40 ET, PFE is up by 12 cents a share or 0.8%. It is outperforming every other big American pharma. I haven't even looked at SGP as that one doesn't count.

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    • Nah - I think my mother mistakenly bought some Fun House mirrors. I can't really be THAT ugly. Can I?

    • At least when I'm truly rich again I'll merely be thought of as eccentric instead of crazy.

    • "I didn't see the [Insert anything here. Really, anything, anything at all will do. It doesn't matter one iota what. It won't have any effect on the truth value of the statement.] at the time"

      That's no surprise to anyone. ANYONE but YOU!


    • I didn't see the stocks that I was in at the time as being particularly overpriced. And in any kind of a normal situation, they weren't. But if credit was going to dry up, etc, then of course they were wildly overvalued.

      No way though would I have ever imagined that in the 21st century with deposit insurance and all kinds of other safeguards there would be a 19th-century type of financial panic.

    • I'm certain I would have heard of him had this wild tale been true.

    • >>You mean you don't know?<<

      if course he doesn't know. it's just another example of his having shot off that BFM of his with no idea WTF he's talking about and is simply too STUPID to know how to use the internet.

      btw, i think the last californian to win a medal (gold) was julia mancuso in 2006.

      i'll pass on responding to all those other STUPID comments he made about the number of skiers in ca & pa.

      geeez, the ski areas just around lake tahoe alone dwarf the ski areas in all of pa by about 10 to 1.

    • <<And stayed out? Who sold stocks near the top and just pulled the money out of the market entirely? I don't know a soul that did that>>

      What many did, even if not going short, was to write more covered calls and at lower strikes; shift more to bonds; buy some puts via collars or just going long; reduce leverage for those who had it, obviously with maniacal positions like you had, but I, for example, did it by reducing naked puts and writing at lower strikes and I'm never highly leveraged.

      You have the ridiculous notion that one is either in or out of the market. That's nonsense. Good investors constantly monitor risk and reduce it when appropriate due to large gains, a position becoming too large a % of the portfolio, an increase in macro fears, among many others. I wasn't prescient enough to sell everything at the peak. Not close. But I kept reducing risk via options, moving more to bonds, adding to commodity stock positions, etc. I'm certainly not unique in that.

    • <<Chartnuts is completely clueless about wireless technology.>

      Knowledge is one thing, another thing is affordability. Charty has lost so much on PFE, he can't even afford a decent monitor for his computer. He even doesn't have a speaker to listen to the conference call, that he can only read the conference scripts later on, or sometimes he dismiss them as useless to listen.

    • <<I'm now willing to sell at $30 and maybe even $29 as something in that area in January 2013 will allow me to cash out Pfizer options for a seven-digit figure>>

      No investor, as opposed to gambler, would EVER make that statement. An investor never picks a sell target or price to lighten up because some round number would therby be reached. It is the height of silliness and irresponsibility.

    • Unfortunate the mirrors that you have tossed out actually give authentic reflection of things. They show the ugly puss due to the object in front of them, that is Lady Alan yourself. Stop blaming the mirrors!

      The one mirror you have kept actually distorts the image of objects. If that is what you prefer, keep it by all means. But don't use it to distort the PFE and to mislead the readers of the board.

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