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  • bubblyjoe51 bubblyjoe51 Nov 9, 2009 1:11 PM Flag

    Tribute to Chartness

    As an assignment our class has been scanning the various Yahoo message boards for quite some time now in order to find, determine and rate the individual who stands out the most and is the best-rounded, serious message contributor. This forms part of our curriculum and this is our testimonial to him.

    To have a man of his ability on this board is a blast especially coming from one with his excellent writing skills and strong use of the English language. Being in his company is intoxicating. On certain days our assignment is to parse his comments and apply some of his well written thoughts and facts for our own uses and purposes.

    His good use of the English language along with his great knowledge of numbers is leaving many of us in awe. His pithy, forceful remarks and observations are a source for all of us to emulate.

    This board is turning out to be about him and for good reasons. He brings copious amounts of information to all of us and stimulates many with different ways to reach their goals. There are more ways than one to attain one’s end and he displays this in very adequate fashion.

    Unlike some on this board that show all colors that make up their freak flag, his different viewpoints are very enriching to us all and for many it’s a dose of inspiration. His messages display his quest for perfection and cause many to tow the line. In time, we hope that his perseverance to shape the communication exchange will become more civilized, cultured and knowledgeable. Hence, everyone will profit.

    His strict regimen of not hurling epithets to anyone is yielding big dividends, especially in our class. We even have our Prof reading him daily, who incidentally also admires his writing dexterity.

    His well-bred and refined disposition is such that it leaves very little room for anyone to find reason to bombard him daily with platitudes and unwarranted verbiage. He’s not possessed of an ill-defined purpose to always dissent and show superiority regardless of what is discussed. His strong sense of purpose and direction becomes obvious when one pursues a challenging objective. We gather that many here do not understand the logistics of his computations and are quick to criticize. He offers optimistic glimpses of the future with objective clarity and we thank him for that. Also, his dedication to an avant-garde field that many know very little about is welcomed to those that want to learn and widen their views.

    Our class is behind him in all his aspirations and know that he will do well in times to come. We know that he has the moxie to get the job done. Good luck to him.

    To all investors, take care and the best to him.


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    • Thanks so much for your offering of devotion. I too love myself and my ability to put finger to keyboard. While my mind may still be stuck in the 70s, my ego has continued to grow to enormous proportions like my waistline.
      I command you and your class to read all of my posts and all of the items I link to in my neverending postathon. Please reply to me over and over so that I can continue writing about myself.

    • Dear Joe,
      I must apologize for missing the anniversary of your first brown-nosing post. Thank you for staying on this board for over a year now, with the sole purpose of defending ME. I think you love ME almost as much as I do. Is the class project still ongoing? Did you have to repeat a grade?

    • Bubbles, are you and your class still studying your gooru? Shouldn't you have moved up a grade by now?

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      • Bubbles is as happy as can be doing what he does best. Blowing bubbles.

        To have the time on your hands to retrieve messages submitted by me long, long ago verifies your idleness and ennui with life. We've known this for quite some time, however the hilarity is you denying it and telling us as to how busy you are traveling the world. There's a big difference between physically doing some globe-trotting and jet-setting it in a dream. Most people know the distinction between oleo and butter, you know.

        For the life of me, when will you outgrow the juvenile lark of trying to pull the wool over people's eyes?

        Like I've mentioned here countless times, if there's anyone that can hill his own row, the Guru can.

    • Thank you for the well deserved compliments.

      I wonder if you, along with the help of those in your class, could offer a few suggestions. It is obvious all of you are extremely intelligent.

      I know I am brilliant but I have been throwing money at this dog for over 5 years using my superior methods and as bright as I am I only lose, lose, lose.

      I have blown all of my capital and that of others and still I am under water. Senile old ladies that stuff the money they save using coupons under a matress are ahead of me.

      Think about it, people that blow a grand a week on power ball are ahead of me.

    • You need to read more closely. When I say Detroit needs to show me a competetive product, I obviously mean 30 years ago since that is when I stopped taking new information into my pea sized brain. Any information newer than 1979 is meaningless to me.
      In addition, facts and evidence mean nothing UNLESS I am the one presenting something as a fact. Take the GREAT INTEREST RATE DEBATE for example. My faulty memory is fact, and all of your reliable sources are meaningless. Face it, I cannont lose an argument.

    • Once again Captain Rum disagrees with all the experts!

      What a DUMBASS.

      ALWAYS Wrong.

    • What "size" is his carbon footprint? Studies show that drivers with navigation systems use 12% less fuel than those without them and reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by 21% The ladies will want to know his "size" since I am adding the Dart has a Navi...wonder if he has updated it with a new map for 2010...probably a bit much to ask but does he have solar panels on the rooftop of the Dart?


    • > until Detroit can show me a competitive product.


      Ford's Fusion is more reliable than Nissan;s Sentra!


    • > Those cars have never given me any problems at all. And that's the bottom line as far as I'm concerned.

      So, you were lying when you said "until Detroit can show me a competitive product.?"

      They have shown you a better product, and you say it doesn't matter.

      Logic is not your strong suit!


      Well, that's enough bitch slapping for me tonight... my hand is sore!

    • I must admit that I am inpressed with your ability to suck up to me.

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