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  • chrt13sezzheaintkowtoting chrt13sezzheaintkowtoting Jan 23, 2010 4:59 PM Flag

    My list of lifetime accomplishments - all endeavors

    1) Being chosen to ring the school bell in grade one
    2) Becoming a youth champion table tennis player while still a youth
    3) Biting my fingernails despite my mother's determined efforts to get me to stop
    4) Graduating from UCLA in just 5 1/2 years while working part time
    5) Becoming quite famous among the B-girls in Southeast Asia as the GI immortalized in the famous phrase "Love you long time G.I."
    6) Being named in "Who's Who in California" for the low, low price of $39.95, the same as I am sure they charged Ronald Reagan.
    7) Deciding to one day write the DEFINITIVE book on Superior Options Strategies
    8) Becoming a homeowner BEFORE age 62
    9) Inspiring such great confidence in my aunt with my investing acumen that she entered a codicil in her will against any of her money being frittered away in the market.
    10) Achieving LEGENDARY status in my OWN MIND with actual real-life success.

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    • How can I possibly salute this thread?

      Here ya' go, Charty ...

    • I truly admire your list. Very interesting. I have one on my list few are ever to say: pulled pillars in underground coal mines for years. Never lost a soul. Just strolling down memory lane on a Friday night. Oh, love PFE.

    • I have a lot to boast about. And I'll certainly have a lot more after becoming a self-made Pfizer options millionaire and the I write my book on optimal options strategies.

    • You are a Scaramouche. A boastful, coward, who trys to pass himself off as a warrior.

    • Here are the achievements that obviously impressed the powers that be who decide which achievers get included in a prestigious book like Who's Who in California and who doesn't:

      1) On the list of the 500 top tournament bridge master-point winners for eleven consecutive years - 1973-1983.

      2) Included in the biographical section of the 1983 edition of the Encyclopedia of Bridge along with virtually all of the giants of the game such as Charles Goren, Helen Sobel and Barry Crane.

      3) Head financial honcho of a publicly-traded California medical management firm.

      4) Served a tour of duty in Vietnam at the time of the Tet Offensive.

      I have to admit that even I'm quite impressed by such qualifications. I'm quite a guy if I dare say so myself.

    • Many US Presidents have been members of NRA in my lifetime. Only a fool would brag about being in the same club as a sitting POTUS.

      They put a few real luminaries in a book, and use that to peddle them to lesser-lights, such as you. Give it up. I dare say that more "members" of this board have been offered a chance to appear in Who's Who than "members" who have not been offered such an "opportunity".

      If you are a real luminary, they do not need to ask you for biographical information. Why don't you post the biographical information that made you such a big shot in 198-whatever? You can type it as answer to this post. We'll judge if you have anything to brag about.

      How's this sound for a start:
      * Took a 4 year degree from UCLA in 5 1/2 years
      * Finished 22nd in a bridge tournament in Buffalo NY
      * Worked as a bookeeper in a Bank since RELAD in 1969
      * Maintained his own apartment while enjoying an expensive hobby.

      Quite the list of achievements.

    • I used to think so but he needs to take a few months off and write some new material. It is getting really boring. Always the same thing.

    • hillary_lickz_bush hillary_lickz_bush Mar 18, 2011 12:26 AM Flag

      You just cannot make this scheit up!

      Alan is the comedic gift that keeps on giving!

    • donkey_kicks_for_all donkey_kicks_for_all Mar 18, 2011 12:21 AM Flag


    • I didn't have to show it to my aunt; I merely mailed her a copy of the book for her to keep. SHE was the one who I understand couldn't stop showing it to her neighbors.

      After all, how many aunts have nephews that are in the same book as a then-sitting U.S. President and California Governor?

      Many people will willingly part with 5K or 10K to attend a fundraiser where the President is merely in the room. And here I am in the same BOOK as a POTUS and I'm not shelling out 5K or 10K either.

      By the way, how many books can YOU say you are in where a President or former President is included?

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