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  • suckeesuckeesuckee suckeesuckeesuckee Jul 24, 2010 11:55 PM Flag

    Alan's net worth, then & now.

    If you really think your house is worth that much, then you should sell it yourself now, without an agent, & pocket the money.

    You think PFE is such a sure thing, put the whole $378K into the stock & options markets. Your rent would be trivial compared to the further million you're certain to make.

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    • I'm not yet interested in selling my house yet - with an agent or without one.

      As for putting some mortgage proceeds in the market, I may end up doing just that. No more for Pfizer - 300K is enough and I don't want to change the cost basis. But I'm going to be paying only 2.75% interest at least at the outset and the thought has occurred to me that I can capitalize on that by buying depressed options of undervalued blue-chip stocks and then selling deep-in-the-money calls against them.

      Regarding Pfizer, a million-dollar cashout is enough for me. Forget the macho nonsense - I'm very satisfied with my current involvement with that one and there it will remain.

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