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  • fingenius1000 fingenius1000 Aug 4, 2010 12:59 PM Flag

    Listen! PFE IS GOING UP!

    Earnings were best of all Phartma. Had 128m shs most up volumn in yrs yesterday.

    Tecknicals and fundamentals are good.

    So do not short or act surprised. I have told you.

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    • If you're going to pollution post drivel, please at least get the facts right, so as not to be such a liar as well.

      PFE traded not 128 million but 159,089,500 shares yesterday. That was not the highest dollar volume, which is what matters, in ten years, or even in five years.

      Long term TA is still terrible & no one knows what PFE's true FA is since the future is so cloudy & its books in any case are cooked to a crisp.

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      • You are full of crap. Shs matter. I went back 3 yrs and highest no, on up side. Anyway you look at it up Volume was impressive yesterday.

        I am a CPA( And Lawyer) and read all PFE sec filings. They do not cook the books. If you think so you are just another Idiot that are so prevelant on this and all boards.

        I an old have a 262% return in last ten yrs( Lost decade to boot).So pay attention to me I will make you a lot of money..

        Hold this stock!

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