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  • chrttwelve chrttwelve Oct 6, 2010 1:09 PM Flag

    What were the lowest yields seen in early 2009 for the 5 and 10-year Treasuries?

    Does anyone know?

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    • Yeah, I don't know why they are picking on him. I spent a hard 15 seconds locating the treasury yields, month to month, for 2009. This stuff "aint" easy.

      I noticed the Yahoo finance home page has the Dow, NASDAQ and S&P close. Do you know where I can find how KMB did today? I just bought it a few days ago.

      One other thing. Do you think posting the RSI for Pfizzle every day, sometimes twice a day, cheapens the quality of this board?

    • Not to mention the genius & mastery it takes a superior divesting method guru to lose 1000% on his "franchise play", plus hundreds of percent overall, wiping out the loser's entire "life" savings & three generous inheritances in the process, through get poor quick "plays".

    • Your beloved butt buddy "guru" grab as* Alan operates at such a slug like mental level that the imbecile can't conduct the simplest of internet searches, doesn't even know what a search engine is & is such a Numbers Numbskull that the lame-brain can't figure out what margin of error means, despite supposedly studying statistics in college, let alone figure it out on his own, like anyone of normal intellect.

      Give it up, Ruffnuts, & try to get a life for your few remaining years before disability payments are cut drastically & your food stamp allotment reduced.

      But you & Chartnuts will still have each other's disgusting, unclean private parts to share.

    • You have got to be the most stupid, lazy, crazy, arrogant & ignorant carbon based entity on this or any other planet.

      Where do you suppose you'd go to find US Treasury yields? What would be the most logical & rational words to use in an Internet search?

      Would it kill you actually not to park your mush brain at the door for once & do your own minimal research work?

      It took me seconds to find daily data at every maturity for every year since 2002.

    • Have you considered looking it up for yourself?

      It's literally child's play.

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