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  • pebble_78 pebble_78 Nov 10, 2010 6:01 PM Flag

    i couldn't resist


    csco after hours at 21.10

    This topic is deleted.
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    • chrt13sezzheaintkowtoting chrt13sezzheaintkowtoting Nov 11, 2010 8:41 AM Flag

      I SIMPLY will NOT close all of those accounts and keep just my margin account. I do not understand where you got this bee in your bonnet. I have never indicated any such possibility on this message board.

    • The ONLY times I lie are when I am making some type of declaration or statement, either written or verbal, or refusing to make a statement. Other than that I am a STRAIGHT SHOOTER. You can take that to the bank. Oh, and sometimes I lie to the bank, but again only when I am making some type of statement like completing a loan application. Oh and I lie to the IRS every year but those are little white lies and again are WRITTEN lies so they are covered under my LIFETIME MULLIGAN. I would be willing to bet that BILL MILLER lies on his tax return just like Charlie Rangel and Timmy Geithner. It is really no different than ME lying to a brokerage or bank or psychological counselor. The truth in stats committe willingly accepts all of those types of lies. I'm sticking to my guns on this one.

    • > I certainly don't advocate lying as a matter of course

      Only when it benefits you, huh?

      You are disgusting.

    • I certainly don't advocate lying as a matter of course. But this is a most unusual situation where a potential client is a grave threat to the house going in and in order to get the authorization he wants and that the firm really wants to grant, he has to defuse the threat to the firm. And so he answers the questions in a manner that will essentially disqualify him from prevailing in a potential future lawsuit.

      That's a far different situation than say falsifying info on a resume to gain an undeserved advantage over competitors.

      Here you aren't trying to gain an unfair advantage; you just want to lessen the threat that you know you are to the house. And ironically enough, the more you have and the more you earn, the BIGGER the threat you are. Somebody with a million bucks in liquid assets earning six figures a year is a much BIGGER potential threat to the house than someone with just a few thou to invest.

      Most of the folks I know are quite honest and quite truthful and yet I don't know of a soul that would blink in eye about fibbing in this particular situation.

    • > It's your choice.

      I've never really considered lying to be a choice.

      But that's just me.

    • me neither.Do you remember the first post where I posted a post to the post? I save all posts I post because I cant >>REMEMBER<< when I post.

      On to YOU Sammy.

    • I'll be looking carefully at the deep out-of-the-money CSCO naked puts tomorrow. I might make another switch in the 100K naked put-writing portfolio.

      Have you applied to Ameritrade for naked put-writing authorization yet?

      Remember - on the application your goal is SPECULATION, you are 69 years old and you have 15 years of options experience. You had accounts with MER and BS.

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