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  • chrttwelve chrttwelve Jan 3, 2011 12:04 PM Flag

    Does anybody know?

    When I have re-booted my computer lately, it seems to default back to two stars and I have to change it. Why does this infernal machine do that? Why should I have to continually change it when what I want is a one-star default? How do I make it that after re-booting I get the one-star messages without having to do anything? Do any of you computer geniuses out there know?

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    • S-I-C-K-O.....

    • > I almost sh*tted in my pants when I heard that. No way would I ever take further classes to learn something that would probably be obsolete in a year or two.

      The true attitude of a lazy loser. One attempt goes bad, so he quits trying for the rest of his Life.

      P.S. Most people had very little difficulty in transitioning from Lotus to Excel, as the basic concepts still held and all that was necessary was learning to changes in syntax.

    • Pebbles has had a bad back for years. I could dance a jig around him. He's also here just to try and heckle me; I seriously doubt if he owns much Pfizer.

    • The silent majority are those that only show up here at earnings time and when there is news. Other times the board is useless because some idiot posts about 40 times a day about range theory, RSI and other total nonsense that has nothing to do with investing in a company. You know, the idiot that doesn't even know GE was deep into financial business, including mortgages.

      Why is it that Pebble, who has about 12 years on you, is in better physical shape and is a far better investor?

    • The silent majority are lurkers and they aren't exactly thrilled about standing up and being counted.

      Speaking of breath, you need to save all you can. After all, you will have to BLOW HARD to get the better of those 80 candles.

    • Yahoo doesn't find it that impossible. Lots of times they simply refuse to allow my messages to post. Other times, they allow a tiny handful of posters to convince them that some prior messages should be deleted.

    • It was far from obvious that I would ever need it as that man was never going to have computers in his office. Had he not had that heart attack, I would have simply been able to continue where I was for another decade until taking early retirement myself at age 62.

    • "The fact is, you failed to keep up with the latest technology."

    • Here is an excerpt from your post:

      The fact is, you failed to keep up with the latest technology.

      The simple truth is that "the latest technology" wasn't being used at my office. The highest technology there was a typewriter and a secretary sat behind it - not an accountant.

      At the time, the state of the art was changing so fast that there was little use in learning the latest stuff - especially if you weren't going to be using it. What good did it do me to learn about Lotus spreadsheets in 1992 when practically everyone was using Excel by 1995?

      The founder of the company was a physician who wasn't much older than I was and I knew I had a job there for life as long as I wanted it and as long as he remained in power. What I didn't count on was his having a very serious heart attack in mid-1995 and then deciding to retire early and sell the business to out-of-state interests who then moved all of the accounting functions to their Denver headquarters.

      Had that not happened, the man would have worked until the day he died. He was fat and had a much younger trophy wife who liked extravagant things. No way would that woman have allowed him to retire if he hadn't had that heart attack. In actual fact, trying to keep up with her demands probably gave him the heart attack. That and some horrible business decisions on his part that caused the company's stock to fall below $1 a share resulting in de-listing.

    • You HAD to be doing things you liked? What kind of stress did you have? How often did you work seven days a week and 80 hours plus those weeks?

      The fact is, you failed to keep up with the latest technology. As late as the early 80's I knew nothing of bus protocol. Then the military decided their world would be run on 1553 bus. I mean everything from fuel remaining to target hand-off systems. At that point I knew it was back to school or go back to fry cooking. I chose school on my own time and you chose to become a dinosaur.

      Your failure to take the initiative on your own to keep up with technology caused the loss of your career.

      BTW, I bought my first PC after I retired and with minimal help from a few other computer users and a little reading, I now know how to use them. It just isn't that difficult for those of average intelligence willing to put in minimum effort.

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