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  • ilaughatallthewrongjokes ilaughatallthewrongjokes Jan 11, 2011 6:54 PM Flag

    Pfizer a $25 Stock at a bargain....

    <<Now use your brain for a change as this is getting embarrassing. FOR YOU that is.>>

    Nothing should be embarassing for HP, boy. He is providing good counsel and has been and to you and this board.

    You've ignored it and paid the price (remember AUO? Leapfrog?).

    Bottom line is he is up and you have lost your a$$ using leverage. To the point where all you have left is what is left of your inheritance and that is leveraged (3:1).

    HP has correctly pointed out your risk of your actions. You again ignore that.

    Don't expect the rest of the board here to.

    YOU are the one who should be embarrassed.

    You've lost everything but what is left of your inheritance and that is at great risk.

    He hasn't.

    Also the discussion, in part, centers around a 30% figure. What is the first Fibonacci retracement number, numbersman?


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