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  • monseigneur_jacques monseigneur_jacques Jan 8, 2011 5:35 PM Flag

    My next target

    After my first target ($18) was realized by Xmass (orthodox), I have now my next target = $19.50. The stock is not very expensive.

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    • I love it when the moron uses the "bubbly" alias.

      His expertise? Yea, the jerk proves that day after day. Six years and still zero gain.

      Here is typical Chartwit expertise.

      A classic example of total ignorance. One of many and verified by the record of non-performance. Performance that is left in the dust by passbook savings accounts.

      It seems that his state funded education was a total waste.

    • > No. The bottom line is that you're no match for Chartness and will never be. With Chartness's vast knowledge of business, along with his expertise in options, he runs circles around you and leaves you in the dust.

      I love it when you make posts that provided opportunities to spotlight charty's "expertise!"

      Re: One reason for today's drug industry weakness 9-Jul-07 03:56 pm

      Pfizer was on sale below $25 in early March. That was your one and only chance to get it below $25 this year. You won't be getting that chance again as Q2 earnings are coming out just nine days hence and even the kind of price you are seeing today will no longer be available. The one thing that ALWAYS lights a fire under the stock is when management is obliged to hike full-year estimates. They generally only do it once a year - or twice at best. The Q2 earnings release is far-and-away the most logical time for it to occur - especially after a material Q1 beat when the company has stood pat.

      If you think the company is a buy at $24.80, it's also a buy at $25.90. In the long-term scheme of things, a buck-ten is nothing.

      Don't let a relatively-trivial difference deter you from obtaining shares at a price that you aren't likely to see again.

      You might want to look at what happened to SGP in April. Before then, the stock could have been had in the low-to-mid twenties all day. No more - now it's rarely seen below $30. I see the same kind of scenario for Pfizer starting a week from Wednesday.



    • Bottom line is that Chartjerk would last a very short time on a board that had a vast majority of serious traders and many of them.


      No. The bottom line is that you're no match for Chartness and will never be. With Chartness's vast knowledge of business, along with his expertise in options, he runs circles around you and leaves you in the dust. It's time you give up the charade and cease dragging him into areas where he has no interests.

      I sense and empathize with you over the frustration you must experience when fizrwinnr11 unceasingly makes you the laughing butt of the message board. It's quite obvious of you trying to get even by hurling epithets and hope some of them will stick. Chartness's strategy is to totally ignore you and it works like a charm. That must really hurt.

      Oh well, you're never too old to learn.

    • No, you won't ignore my messages. You will continue to give them multiple single stars.

      I will continue to correct your many errors. It makes no difference if you read them. Others will but nearly all of them already know you are totally ignorant of investing for a gain.

      I still laugh about you "punishing" Pebble. You know Pebble, the one you insult with your duplicate aliases. Man, you are one sick puppy.

    • From here on in, I'm ignoring all of your off-topic and diversionary messages. Post something about Pfizer, the market or investments and I'll respond. Post your usual nonsense to just try and heckle me and I won't respond. Talk to the wall.

    • While I have your attention moron, how could you live in the Southland for 5+ decades (that would be over ten lustrums) and not have a clue that a State University in your back yard is not state funded? How could you recommend GE as a good investment to avoid financials? How do you see where you are going with your head planted where it is.

      I don't heckle you, I correct your stupid errors. You started this the day I arrived over two and a half years ago. I warned you a few weeks ago to leave my messages alone and you didn't listen.

      Count on it moron, mess with my messages and I will continue to point out your stupidity. Learn to live with that. I deal in facts.

    • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Here is an excerpt from your post:

      How many times do I have to read RSI and Frankfurt nonsense

      RSI and Frankfurt are all about PFIZER. Those posts are very much ON TOPIC. Whether you care about that indicator and exchange is your business but don't criticize me for being off topic when I update the numbers. Those updated numbers are PFIZER numbers.

      It is PFIZER that I care to talk about. When is the last time that YOU posted something informative.

      It's perfectly obvious that the only reason you are here is to try and heckle me and try and endlessly put me on the defensive with off-topic messages. Well, I'm not playing that game - I'm here to discuss Pfizer, the market and investment strategies. Take your nonsense elsewhere.

    • When I mentioned my purchase of KMB you interupted with some drivel about "real time". When I said I was buy and hold you said that was stupid. When I mentioned my recent bond trade, you ridiculed it. I have posted again and again what I believe PFE will do. Everytime time
      I have posted on topic you have done nothing but post nonsense in reply.

      I post my messages once, you post the same stupid drivel over and over. How many times do I have to read RSI and Frankfurt nonsense along with JFM junk?

      You are a total fraud with a record of unbelievable losses. NOTHING you say is ever on topic.

      I post what I do once. Get it moron, once.

      Go eat a box of Snarol, idiot.

      Care to talk about California State Schools, mentally challenged moron?

    • Very true. When these message board started they were full of knowledgeable investors. Then, came the morons and now few boards are left with investors.

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