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  • fizrwinnr11 fizrwinnr11 Mar 20, 2011 9:46 AM Flag

    So how y'all doin' in the market this year?

    As for me, my Pfizer portfolio that stood at $262,215 at 12/31/10 is now valued at $356,175.

    Meanwhile, the S & P 500 is up by all of 1.7% from 1,258 to 1,279.

    I hope you're all enjoying the stock market gains on your diversified, unleveraged portfolios the way that I am with my concentrated, leveraged portfolio that uses Superior Options Methods.

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    • I wasn't nearly destroyed by Tyco - I had plenty of money in smaller accounts with full-service brokerages to be able to easily withstand the Tyco plunge I just needed a few weeks to get those accounts transferred over.

      And just by dumb luck, it turns out that I wouldn't have even needed the loan. Because of the very afternoon that I took the money to the brokerage - 7/25/02, Ed Breen, a highly-respected Motorola executive, was being named as the new CEO at Tyco.

      That news was enough to send the stock skyrocketing from a close of $8.25 to over $12 in early trading the following morning.

      So the incredible surge in the price of the stock the morning of 7/26/02 would have been plenty sufficient to get me completely off of margin call and with plenty to spare.

    • Your near destruction with TYC options, rescued only be family loans, taught you nothing?

    • To paraphrase The Donald, "part of the beauty of me is that I'm such on options whiz."

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      • Alan, what you are is a complete, total & utter loser, & always will be.

        You bought 1000 shares of PFE at $32 9n 2003. Then tripled down in 2004, taking $100K if insanely leveraged, maniacally concentrated PFE options positions at $29, supposedly for a "play" to end in Jan 2006, but you kept losing ever more money, down 50-70% many times until in 2007 you were briefly up by accident, but refused to heed the urgings of your betters to cash out.

        Sure enough, in 2008, you lost over 200 grand (at least), then tripled down again at $19. By mortgaging your mom's house & raiding your aunt's annuity, you managed to stave off margin calls at $11 in 2009, accumulating paper losses of a million bucks on one time wealth (mostly mom's house) of $1.3 million. By tripling down again when PFE bottomed, now with just 100 shares, after repeatedly missing the bottom before (ignoring warnings from your betters for years), you lucked into it, at least for now.

        These are not best-selling book worthy superior methods, unless in the humor section. Sorry, Charty.

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