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  • detractor_02 detractor_02 Aug 10, 2011 11:48 AM Flag

    A Link Chartnutz Has Dodged

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    • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Since Alan imagines that everyone on this board is "Johnboy", including Detractor, then the liar should indeed refuse to reply to all of us.

      Shades of the "I am Clintacus" movement!

    • alan c'mon your 'act' is too stupid.

    • As punishment for failing to apologize, I won't be responding to any detractor or shameless posts until after Labor Day.


      Now Chartness you are talking my language. It's about time you cut this featherbrain from your life. He brings absolutely nothing to this board except wanting to be educated in the various aspect of your superior methods. Why you would pay so much attention to a jackass left me shaking my head many times.

      I'm sure he'll now waddle away with his tail between his legs and be the dog that he's always been after you calmly go about your daily business of attaining your goal. Never having to raise your voice nor run anyone down while making a point speaks very highly of you. It's a trait many wish they had.

      Good luck to you.

    • ilaughatallthewrongjokes ilaughatallthewrongjokes Aug 11, 2011 9:08 AM Flag

      okay. will look for you on IM Saturday.

      Am busy with OJ today/tomorrow.


    • And you don't know the half of it. I'd like to catch up sometime.

    • I know exactly what I posted on July 31. It was one of several posts mentioning naked put opportunities. But just because I said that the margin-safe price for May 6 naked puts for BAC was $5.60 (which is absolutely true), it sure didn't mean that I myself had that position. Because in fact, I have never been short any of the May 5's for BAC.

      Does simply showing the board opportunities in BAC 5-strike naked puts mean that I'm some kind of liar or that I should be so ashamed by my message that I would likely ask Yahoo do remove it.

      Exactly what did I lie about? And why would I ever be embarassed by correctly showing annualized returns and margin-safe prices on selected naked puts? does posting those opportunities mean that I have to have those exact positions? OF COURS NOT. Fair is fair - I posted absolutely nothing false or misleading and am the victim of a smear attempt by a poster who though t I had the positions myself simply because I mentioned them.

      For failing to be a man and render an apology when he was clearly wrong, hee'll be shunn ed by me the next month and he'll never ever receive any kind of apology by me in the future no matter how much I may sully his name even if wrong.

      He said that one reason why he hated me so much is that I never apologize. I told him that it wasn't true; I don't like doing it but I will do it if I find myself in the same position as he was. One notable apology that I gave about a year ago was to Pebbles and you KNOW how much I hated doing it. But the fact is that I did indeed do it.

      But detractor is a very small person and just didn't have it in him to offer an apology when warranted. But he hates me because I don't like doing it.

      Well, he had the opportunity to change things so that I would do it more often but first he had to take the lead and be willing to do it himself. As I said, fair is fair and I did absolutely nothing on July 31 to warrant the accusations he leveled at me. I simply posted a list of what I thought were attractive naked put-writing opportunities.

    • I was accused of trying to insinuate that MY margin-safe point on BAC prior to yesterday was 45.60. I was even told that I'd be so embarrassed over that that I'd try and get Yahoo to delete the post, etc.

      In actualy fact, I was simply showing the board what I thought were attractive naked put opportinities in the March to May options series. However, I didn't myself have any of those series; before Aug. 4 I had CSCO with a Jan. 2013 expiration and five other open positions all with Jan. 2012 expiries. I rolled the five 2012's on Aug. 4 and Aug. 5. All but BAC were rolled to Jan. 2013 while BAC was rolled to May 2012. On Tuesday, I re-rolled the BAC position - back to Jan. 2012 and down to the 5 strikes.

      Everyone was aware of what my positions were and nobody should have thought that just because I mentioned opportunies for the March to May strikes that I myself had those positions. On July 31, I also mentioned opposrtnities for Jan. 2013 options even though at that time my only Jan. 2013 maturity was CSCO.

      There was absolutely no reason whatsoever why I should have been embarrassed by any July 31 message showing returns beyond Jan. 2012.

      I was most-definitely the innocent victim of a smear by those accusing me of mis-stating what the margin-safe price was on BAC.

      And for failing to give me an apology for falsely accusing me, detractor will be shunned by me until after Labor Day.

      And after then, anything goes as far as he is concened. I'll feel free to malign him, call him a liar willy-nilly, etc. and I'll never apologize to him whether I'm right or mistaken . This is the way he wants it and he'll certainly get it from me.

    • I never would have been listed in Who's Who in California in 1986 if I wasn't a head financial honcho at a publicly-traded company. You don't see any staff acoountants or bookkeepers in that book.

    • As punishment for failing to apologize, I won't be responding to any detractor or shameless posts until after Labor Day. And when I do get back to responding, I'll feel free to just call you a liar whenever I feel like it and if I was mistaken, it's just tough. YOU will never see me apologize to you no matter what. Two can play your game.

      But for the next four weeks you can talk to the wall because there will be no responses to any of your posts from me. That starts right now.

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