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  • pebble_1931 pebble_1931 Sep 4, 2011 12:33 AM Flag



    it would appear that almost EVERY msg i posted today to kick the a$$$ off that FAT, LYING A$$$$hoxe was deleted before the day even ended.

    I LUV IT.

    and in case anyone should forget (it's doubtful) the questions that the SPINELESS COWARD wouldn't answer were:

    1. what was your total net worth 8 years ago and how much of that was represented by the NET value of your home?

    2. what is your total net worth NOW and how much of that is represented by the NET value of your home?

    the LIAR was quick to say that his TOTAL net worth 8 years ago was about 875K and now it's about 900k.

    but when pinned down to post details that i asked for he GUTLESSLY ran his A$$$ away with a lot of bullxiit and finally a DNW.

    I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!

    (i'd have posted earlier but i couldn't tear myself away from the 4 hour finale of lonesome dove. (a GREAT story)

    nite all!!!!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Hee-Haw, brayed the obnoxious jackass. Hee-Haw, not wanting to be "on record" in this particular case. Hee-Haw, no gains at all in seven years of bluster and lies. Hee-Haw, Hee-Haw.

    • Big deal! The rest of us have doing that for years. Is the Titanic still missing?

    • I posted the info yesterday but it's obvious that it has since been deleted.

      However, I know that you read it because shortly after I posted the info, you accused me of not providing ALL of what you wanted and then you said you saned to see it in a certain exact format, etc.

      That's when I said the indeed I gave you all the info for both periods but nobody is going to tell me the exact format I have to use.

      The fact is that it was ALL THERE and the most you would have had to do was a little subtraction.

      The deleted message of mine was just from YESTERDAY and you are continuously cutting and pasting from 2003 and 2004 TYC-board messages of mine under handles that I haven't been able to use in years and years.

      So I know that you are able to retrieve deleted messages if you set your mind to it.

      Recovering a message deleted just yesterday should be childs' play to an ancient hacker like yourself.

      So just call up that deleted message and you will see that the info is all there.

      I will not do seconds and give any satisfaction to those responsible for deleting my message. I would never give them the satisfaction of having me have to do do-overs.

      Sorry but I'm not budging on the issue. Especially when I know for a certainty that you can retrieve the message even if it has been deleted by Yahoo.

    • There is only one "Estero"! Rarely post nonsense as some do on this board.

      Be back in another week or two as I have a big block of PFE. Have owned PFE for 25 years. Sold most with 300 to 700% profits. The remaing shares are free as they are the results of dividends.

      No longer a buy & hold junkie. (except for free PFE)

      Never ever thought I would be a day/week trader. Ya gotta change with the times!


    • You could be right. Maybe I went a Ruffnuts too far this time.

      Quite a coincidence that "Estero" posted at the same time as Ruffnuts (under Booblyjoe alias, one of many aimed at you), but maybe Estero just happened to be looking for your messages then, by accident. He has posted here before.

      Given Ruffnuts' thousands of aliases, it's not hard to get one wrong.

    • YAWN!

    • I posted the composition of what made up the 850K in March 2003 (it was 850K - not 875k) and I also posted the makeup of the current 900K.

      I posted both gross and net values for each period for the house. What is the matter with you?

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