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  • hdcafe hdcafe Sep 16, 2011 3:20 PM Flag

    This management plays to many games

    with the investor to ever win any praise from me...They need to consecrate more on creating shareholder than playing their little game of trying to buy every dead beat company out there...

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    • yes I am overwrought, even obese. But I am no longer MORBIDLY obese, unless you read the definition VERY STRICTLY. No lemming am I.

      Shameless jackass also known as Ruffturd

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      Obvious to the many readers here, it's rather odd a person your age wouldn't know the extreme consequences of the above coupled with your ultra sendentary lifestyle.

      Why don't you subscribe to a regimen wherein you could diligently run short distances and if need be roll the balance of the way. Your freaky configuration would lend itself nicely to that type of exercise.

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