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  • eureka201112 eureka201112 Nov 17, 2011 10:46 AM Flag

    Virtually-riskless Feb 3-strike naked puts for BAC have nominal return of 18%


    To be exact, it's 17.85% for the options expiring on Feb. 17 which is three months from today.

    It's virtually 6% per month and all the stock has to do is to hold the $3.12 margin-safe price. In other words, BAC could lose almost half its value from here and you would STILL reap that return.

    Nowhere else will you see anything else resembling this kind of unheard-of reward/risk ratio going in. Only a massive accouning scandal or an end-of-the-world scenario could drive the stock below $3.12 that soon.

    After all, the stock never closed below $3.12 even at the height of the crash and MER alone is worth a lot more than the $32B the company would be valued at with BAC at $3.12. MER stand-alone is on pace to earn $9B this year - half of what PFE is earning.

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    • Of course it's baked in. The hike has never, ever given PFE a boost in any year when it wasn't previously in the tank, suffering serious doubts.

      Indeed, it appears to have had an effect only once since 1999 high, & that of course was temporary.

      I note you no longer count on adult Prevnar for a boost, just as your betters told you would not happen.

    • If PFE can trade around $18.60 in late Nov 2011, then it can surely trade that low in 2012, which means that its high for the year, if prior range holds, would be under $23 & you lose the bet, having to leave this board forever after close on Dec 31, 2012.

    • Who is this "we" of whom you spew, Ruffnuts? Do you have a tapeworm?

    • do you promise to leave the board forever, immediately?

      Shameless jackass

      You just don't get it do you?

      We've told you time and time again it's you we want to see leave this board. You bring absolutely nothing here, but spam.

      You spend your entire energy abasing Chartness. You cannot say two words without dragging the guru in the picture. New York could be burning to the ground and yet you would be talking about your idol. You're so infatuated with him that you can't exist or function if he's not around.

      Learn to be patient. There's only so much info Chartness can dispense. He's only got two hands, you know.

    • tell me something useful about BAC. is, or isn't, the FDIC, backed by the treasury, committed to insuring BACs derivative portfolio as "deposits"?

      does anybody know this? it's like the most important macro-economics question in the world, as far as i know, and i can't get a straight answer from the gub'ment, B of A bankers or IR, or my GD financial adviser.

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