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  • eureka201112 eureka201112 Dec 3, 2011 2:40 AM Flag

    The week just ended was my best week ever in both dollar and percentage profits


    Here is how my three portfolios performed last week:

    1) Up 79K or 24% in the Pfizer portfolio from 325K to 404K. The stock rose by 7.8% from $18.45 to $19.89.

    2) Up 22K or 16% in the BAC naked put-writing portfolio from 135K to 157K. The stock rose by 7.8% from $18.45 to $19.89.

    3) Up 23K or 27% in the non-BAC naked put-writing portfolio from 84K to 107K.

    For the week, the three combined portfolios surged ahead by 124K or 23% from 544K to 668K. In the meantime, the S & P 500 was gaining 7.3% from 1,159 to 1,244.

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    • How about a little documentation on that? Actually the exact opposite is true. Do a little research before making a fool of yourself. Then, go ahead and continue looking like a fool. BTW, Greenland is 180 miles from Iceland as it has always been.

    • > is making me filthy rich.

      You're half right.

    • More pure drivel. A margin loan is money borrowed against securities. The money can be used for any purpose. So what?

      Your idiotic comment was that many use margin. That is total BS. It is a relative few that use margin. You shouldn't concern yourself with what you believe I don't know. I know enough to have retired on my investments prior to my 56th birthday. Yes, clown that was about 10 years prior to Social Security. That you have yet to build a portfolio that will supply an income high enough to be taxable says it all.

      Carry on with more drivel, amateur.

    • That was just more ridiculous drivel. Very few seniors even own individual stocks. About every senior I know is whining about low interest rates. I suggest they shift some into large cap dividend payers but they won't take even that low risk.

    • Irrelevant! What is your point? The fact is, it is a relative few that use margin.

    • Whenever Alan tries to weasel out of objective reality, it only makes the sicko look more ludicrous.

    • Yea, he paints himself in a corner every time he touches the keyboard. It is truly amazing.

    • It is so easy to prove Alan wrong, that it's hardly even fun any more. The real fun is in making the loon compound error with even more ridiculous lies & lame logical lunacies.

    • You have been given the number. 200,000 investors using margin is insignificant. Your use of the word "many" is ludicrous. That is especially true of seniors. Yes, in spite of your dodging the point, you have again been proven wrong.

    • <<If BAC holds above just $4 next year, I get a mere two points out of PFE and I earn a little on the non-BAC put-writing portfolio, I'll be earning virtually a quarter of a million dollars. Let's see what percentage of folks having about a 600K portfolio can top that percentage - especially if the market doesn't just take off on the upside>>.

      You really don't get it. (But everybody already knew that).

      The likelihood is that either BAC will crash and you will lose big time, or things will get much calmer with financials so that volatility FOR THEM declines, even if not for the whole market. The chance of you proceeding to get the kinds of premiums you are getting now is very small. Plus, and this is very important, IF things go better for BAC, the stock price will rise and you will either have to write higher strike puts with much greater risk or abandon it entirely. Why do you never adequately think things through? You always extrapolate from present conditions to assume that nothing will change. This is one of a number of key reasons that you kept getting into trouble with maniacal methods.

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