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  • bubblyjoe51 bubblyjoe51 Jan 7, 2012 2:02 PM Flag

    Can't contain my laughter

    Chartness has been gone for not quite a full day and it's already been as quiet as it gets. In sum, no Chartness, no education.

    For a handful of you I suppose it's time to give your minds a sabbatical. Peeing down Chartness's back and telling him it's raining is an old ploy that has never worked with the guru. He's way too far ahead of the run-of-the-mill thinker.

    Why don't some of you pass the bat to someone who can give him some competition? The argument here has run its course. The only poster here that brings anything of value to this board is Hotpanera. His messages are always well thought out and have the benefit of putting doubts where none may exist. That's greatly appreciated.

    Chartness's life is an open book. He has nothing to hide and doubt if he intentionally lies. If he would, he would only last here for a few days and scoot. He has never purported to be able to turn water into wine. It's sad that some of the hate displayed would eclipse the good judgment shown at times. The constant degrading going on is becoming a growing tumor that's being going on far too long. It's getting sickening. The aggression is totally unjustified as the guru is playing the market with his own money. Like a broken record, the repetitious chants convey the impression that some of the posters come through as being a few tins short of a six pack.

    Ruffturd is one whose vision ends at his nose and is as short as his pecker which says much about the abecedarian. In his blissful and anopsic outlooks, I doubt he could predict a marble game.

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    • 35 ratings on that post bubbly---lololololol---you must have a lot of handles too to give yourself so many----or is you alan? if you think hotpanera is a good poster why would you wish fat stuff back---he just makes it impossible to find good posts--these boards are mostly for laughs--if yahoo did not want that there would be not so many handles available---i think the board was wonderful for a few days--- you bring no credit to your guru---he has lied in black and white hear many times----Yahoo boards is for laughs--at least this one

    • > In sum, no Chartness, no education.


      No Chartness, no mis-education.

      You see, chartness knows everything, but everything he knows is wrong.

    • "The only poster here that brings anything of value to this board is Hotpanera."

      So you finally admit that your butt buddy Alan contributes nothing?

      If you admire Hotpanera, Ruffnuts, as you obviously falsely claim, then why do you rate each of his messages one star over & over, same as Pebbles', Harold's, Detractor's & all the other humans', but Alan's five stars repeatedly?

    • "Ruffturd is one whose vision ends at his nose and is as short as his pecker which says much about the abecedarian."

      How do you know the size of his "pecker"? No need to respond, it is obvious how you know.

      How are things in Vegas?

    • Uncontrollable laughter is yet another sign of your deep mental disturbances, Ruffnuts.

      Are you so embarrassed by your millions of idiotic, insane, ignorant, off-topic, all ad hominem rants, Ruffnuts, that you hope to be able to convince your betters, the humans, that you are not yourself?

      That's even crazier than licking the loon Alan's messy posterior all day & night every day since 2002.

    • No chaertness, none of this:

      "Fragmin is just a new name for Oporia"

      "the closer it gets to the end of 2011, the closer Pfizer should be to having its stock in the low 40's."

      "The stock market simply will not allow the price of Pfizer's stock to yield much more than 4.25%"

      "I'll take the riskless investment with Pfizer."

      " Pfizer at these prices is virtually riskless." [$24.61]

      "I see no more than a buck risk to the downside at this point since at $25, the stock would be yielding 4.64%."

      "Range theory tells me that Pfizer cannot be prevented from busting through $29 resistance before 2008 is out. I'm putting my money, my credibility and my ability to continue posting here on that assertion."

      "I'm not going to lose any sleep if after feeling that the stock would go no lower than $25 it turns out that something like $24.80 ended up being the closing low. If I'm off the mark, it isn't by very much."

      "This company is just not going to be allowed to yield something like 4.7%."

      "I'm risking "total capital destruction" when my breakeven is down to $24.45, the company will be paying at least a $1.28 annual dividend within five months, 2008 consensus earnings are at $2.34 and the stock is still south of $26?"

      "Unless there is some kind of real travesty, you won't ever be seeing me down on my investment anymore. "

      "2011 begins the time when hordes of baby boomers start turning 65. And that's the yeer when management thinks that the company's current early-stage pipeline will really start bearing fruit. "

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