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  • tguns4444 tguns4444 May 23, 2012 3:47 PM Flag

    dow roared back pfe did not

    think about it

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    • Pfizer has dramatically outperformed the market since coming out with earnings and the cancer warning.

      The only reason for this week's weakness is the big plunge in the euro which will likely cost the company a couple of pennies a share in earnings. But I regard that as being practically immaterial as currency translations merely distort how the company's continuing operations are really doing.

      I like to play billiards and when I do, it's always call shot. If ever I called say the nine ball in the side pocket and hit the shot so badly that the ball caromed off the walls and finally went into the corner pocket, I would be mortified.

      I sure wouldn't be trying to take credit for it as you are with Pfizer. The reason for your bearish calls two weeks ago were that you were sure that the cancer warning for Tofacitinib would really hurt the stock as would the Lipitor expiry. But the latter was already in the price of the stock and the joy at the likely prospect of having their own drug approved by the full FDA completely outweighted any cancer warnings.

      The two weeks ended last Friday proved you completely wrong about your premise and only the belated big drop in the euro half bailed you out. I'm sorry but I can hardly give you credit for THAT. It's pretty well-known that I throw around praise like it was manhole covers but yet I will on occasion acknowledge good, SKILLFUL calls. But when strictly LUCK is involved as in this case, all you will get from me is my contempt.

      It's shameful that you would even try and take credit for the belated Pfizer drop and stamps you as a reall scuzz-ball. I'm sorry but I have to call a spade a spade.

    • I inherited PFE. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, right? This stock SUCKS.

    • Tguns, you are so correct and that is why I sold the share I bought today. There are so many other stocks that are moving and rewading.

      Unless, one does not want to work at it which I do!

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