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  • dennie_cunningham dennie_cunningham Jul 23, 2012 1:48 PM Flag

    Unhappy day in Happy Valley

    PLEASE tell my what this has to do with the PFE board. You need the ESPN website, not this one

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    • The better question is what does this have to do with ME? If you step back and consider and I am the center, the nucleus, what all things revolve around, then you will begin to understand. This board is about ME. I play with PFE optinos. I play with other options. I watch TV. Therefore I post on THIS board some of the things I see and hear on TV. Now get with the program and stop wasting MY precious time. I am VERY busy you know. I don't have time for idle chit chat. I can't be writing out long responses to every silly question asked by random strangers. You may think I have a lot of time on MY hands just because I am a prolific poster. Or because I haven't had a job in so many years, and I am living alone in this cracker box. That may be true for some other fat lonely nutcases. But not ME. I am very very very busy. Now let ME get back to MY busy life and stop bothering ME.

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      • I also have top ten lists to research. It's not like those things are just made up and avaiable for someone to cut and paste. I have to dig up MY old newspapers and write down statistics from different time periods. Then I have to put pencil to paper and do some DEEP thinking to calculate the changes and percentages and stuff. This takes a LOT of time to perform to perfection. So please stop with the interruptions and let ME get back to MY busy life.

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