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  • avanipgold avanipgold Aug 11, 2012 9:36 PM Flag

    Romney names Rep. Paul Ryan to be his running mate


    True, but I'd drop the "even".

    Whatever private virtues Biden might possess, the plagiarizing old pol is a public moron. In debate, Ryan will mop the floor with the doddering fool, then wring him out & toss the dried, tattered remnants down the incinerator chute.

    Palin cleaned the goon's clock, & his mental faculties have only fallen faster since then.

    In his debate with Palin, the idiot imagined that 100% of climate change is due to humans. I wonder what the dolt thinks caused climate change varying from the surface of our planet an ocean of molten rock to the Snowball Earth, covered in ice, & everything in between during the 4.55 billion years before people?

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