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  • hot_trucks_yo hot_trucks_yo Aug 20, 2012 10:20 AM Flag

    the Queen Elizabeth boughT me up from lamar huntS body to druGs now.


    Sexy seattle rottened Me in my HEART with DruGs like a crack bum in 1998. A friend Cured my stomaCk and head from abusing it and forced me to feed CATTLE drugs like Steak and cut back on small smoke drugs like tobacco and wine juicE in 2004 early like BunKy nelson bunker HunT does. I'm quitting smoking NoW. Less than half a pack per day and quitting. His name is MYREN and he bets and likes PFIZER DRUGS Alot Now. He is a Minor STAR fiend likely now. Hope it all goes well for us in ladies now. Bye bye now.

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