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  • fatagain10 fatagain10 Aug 31, 2012 2:37 PM Flag

    I will actually be voting for Obama this year

    The sole reason for your original post was one thing -- to gain yourself some attention.

    You posted the message simply because you knew people would react like Pavlov's dogs and provide you the attention you crave.

    And the people are stupid enough to fall for it every time.

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    • So what does your message say about you? Are you like one of Pavlov's dogs? YOU "fell for it," didn't you? Actually, there was no desire on my part for the unwanted attention of board simpletons. I'm very frustrated that I'm faced with the choice of voiting for a man who is one of the worst presidents in American history as opposed to the alternative of voting for someone completely unqualified for the office and who was a flop in his stint as Massachusetts governor. This is absolutely the worst choice to be foisted on American citizens since the equally-distasteful 1964 contest between LBJ and Barry Goldwater. That was the only other time besides now for me to vote for a Democrat for president.

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