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  • fizrwinnr11 fizrwinnr11 Aug 28, 2012 3:20 PM Flag

    Iowa Electronic Markets

    As the GOP convention gets underway in earnest, it still takes between $59 and $60 on Obama to get back $100. This was exactly the situation in early June before the bad unemployment figures hit.

    I'm sure that Romney will get the usual lift from the convention but that will quickly disappear as the Dems have their own conclave the following week.

    Basically, this race is over. It's a pity to see all the money that will be wasted on presidential political ads the next nine weeks when it's not going to change a thing. Better to use that money to feed those starving in Africa.

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    • All that I inherited from my 91-year-old mother was 1/3 of a 430K house. The real money that I came into came from my mother's only sibling - her sister who never had any kids.

      The main reason why she never had any kids was that her 24-year-old mother perished giving birth to her and that had profound effects on her the rest of her life. She never aspired to be a mother because of that.

      She was what is commonly referred to as a "dink" (double income - no kids).

      The fact that I came into that money in March 2003, however, didn't have a thing with my being way better off today than I was about four years ago just after LEH.

    • The facts as provided by you make my case. You acquired some wealth which belonged to your mother who worked for it the good old Republican way and you inherited it by the good old Democrat way. That is a transfer of something that someone had to work and save for to someone that did not have to earn it.


    • The point is that I'm MUCH better off now than I was four years ago. I had a 6.125% mortgage then and I have a 2.75% mortgage now.

      Despite the increased rate of unemployment, I daresay that most Americans are better off now than they were just after the LEH disaster.

    • When I worked for the publicly-traded healthcare firm between August 1984 to September 1995, I didn't need to know a a thing about computers as the firm had MANUAL accounting and there was nary a PC to be found in the office.

      There was absolutely no way under those conditions for me to keep up with others who were regularly getting on-the-job training and repetitions in the new technology while of course I wasn't getting that.

      I knew I was taking a bit of a gamble in accepting the promotion to Acting CFO in that manual accounting company instead of quitting and getting a safe staff or middle-management job in a computerized company. But any accountant WORTH HIS SALT wants to know if he has what it takes to be top financial dog in a company and I knew if I didn't grab the opportunity then, I'd never again have the opportunity.

      But what do you know of such things you lousy career STAFF accountant.

    • You stupid, Mickey-Mouse STAFF accountant, I didn't say that I didn't owe the FICA taxes just because I don't owe income tax this year - I said I don't owe FICA taxes because I'm already collecting Social Security and it doesn't make one scintilla of sense that I would need to pay FICA taxes when my Social Security benefits will not be increasing. Do you have that straight, career STAFF accountant?

    • I'm not going to have to pay income tax on my consulting fees this year because:

      1) Due to the fact that it IS INDEED "earned income," I'll have this one final year to make a 6K IRA contribution which will offset most of the fees. It will be the first year since 2007 that I've been able to make an IRA contribution that could be deducted from my income tax tab.

      2) I'll be able to write off against this income the cost of the expensive stock market publications and letters that I subscribe to.

      I'm still going to have to look into the FICA tax situation - I think that you and others here are pulling my leg and that since I'm already collecting Social Security, I am exempt from FICA taxes.

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      Iowa Electronic Markets 6-Jan-08 03:40 pm

      In real-money wagering on the GOP and Dem nominations, the current odds are:


      37% for McCain
      29% for Giuliani
      16% for Huckabee
      15% for Romney


      56% for Obama
      40% for Clinton

      I see I'm going to have to get some money down on Hillary and Rudy to win their respective nominations.

      ===================================================== =====

    • If a lot of the money is earned in my IRA account which is the case, is that money any LESS earned than if it was in my regular account where I would need to pay taxes?

      If I earn the money but still have a tax-loss-carryforward, is the money any less earned?

      If the earnings are on paper and haven't yet been realized, are they any less real?

    • You are correct, my sex poodle slave with whom I'm stuck because I can't afford the young stuff. I am powerfully attracted to tall, dark & handsome younger men, or just tall, as in the case of that hunky Pollack the Koz.

      Ruffturd the pervert

      For the life of me, why don't you select better avenues to advertise what you're into. It's somewhat gross having to read about your attraction to tall young men. But then again, being as short and rotund as you are, it's quite understandable your affection for the lanky and twiggy types.

      It's now common knowledge here as to what you are, but for Pete's sake do it more subtly.

    • Starting in 2011, I have been one of the 1-percenters earning over 250K a year.

      In 2011, I earned 255K from my investments. Through yesterday, I had earned 249K in 2012 from my investments.

      And with the base now in seven digits, I would expect to earn at least a quarter million dollars in every non-bear-market year from now on going forward. My methods indeed are that good.

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