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  • avanipgold avanipgold Sep 29, 2012 7:33 PM Flag

    Israel won't be attacking Iran before the elections


    That's not the point, fool.

    A reelected Obama will be the end of Israel.

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    • Israel nibbles away at the edges Iran's nuke program since that's all that Obama allows them to do.

      Israel can't survive without American support. Obama knows this, which is why he supported the "Arab Spring", overthrowing pro-US governments & replacing them with Islamic fundamentalist regimes. Now the Muslim Brotherhood has ousted pro-American military officers in a bloodless coup. Once Assad falls after Obama's reelection, then Israel will once again be surrounded with powerful enemies bent on its destruction, plus with a Palestinian regime or two.

      When the new, radical Arab states attack, the US won't be there to save Israel again as in the past.

      Obama was nurtured from infancy by the Soviet KGB, then promoted through college & law school by the Saudis. He's the Mansourian Candidate. No wonder commie, self-hating Chosen One Alan loves him so much.

    • i doubt that too,LOL.

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