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  • baalhadad baalhadad Oct 4, 2012 1:52 AM Flag

    Obama loses 8 cents in the Iowa Electronic Markets

    The whole 90 minutes was a gaffe for Obama, fool.

    He lost on style & substance, by two to one among undecided voters.

    The MSNBC murderers' row team was aghast at how badly their guy lost, every which way including loose. It will only be worse during the foreign policy debate, the last one, & of course Ryan will make mince meat of Biden. Palin mopped the floor with the dimwit in 2008.

    Only the town hall format offers Obama a chance at redemption. He's in danger of repeating Gore's abysmal performance, losing 3-0 to Bush by showing up as a different person each time, forced to play catch up, while Romney like Bush will be the same genuine person in all three appearances.

    Romney is plainly the better man with more relevant experience, intellect & personality for leadership.

    As always, you've backed another pathetic loser, loser.

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