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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 7, 2012 2:05 AM Flag

    after the A#### whoooping obama got last night

    My ignorance...funny you should say that. I did not have to use my social status (wow a retired millionaire who spends his spare time writing on yahoo message boards) as a way to try to persuade others that i have greater knowledge on topics than everyone else. You say that Canada has a terrible healthcare system...seems that not everyone is in debt or financially strapped because we need to pay for medical help. We also have a number of different options available in the event that we need direct medical service so again unaware of our situation and yet you feel the need to impose your false knowledge. You say we have the highest gas prices and tax rate...yes we do, because we are a first world country on the largest land mass in the world with a population of 30 million...your population is 10x that so mathematically speaking it is not stupid to think your tax bracket and general gas prices would be substantially lower. Also, just with regards to your healthcare comment again, your analogy of Canada having the worst healthcare system in NA is ludacris because your opinion only takes into account the top percentile of your country. Are you suggesting those that work hard but haven't received the breaks that you have means they only deserve enough healthcare they can afford? For example, your in the bottom 25th percentile, your wife/sister/mother etc. has cancer stage 4 and you have been working 16 hour shifts the past 2 years but you can only pay for one more can honestly tell me it's fair that you don't deserve the medical coverage because you can't pay, when you probably worked harder than most people in the top 1 percentile did?

    You called me a socialist because I have a government that regulates part of my benefits in life and tries to be the voice behind my regret to mention that I have my own rights and freedoms, if I don't like something the government does I can find an alternative and finally my hard earned money isn't constantly being used to pay for everything basic because they're already given to us through our taxes. (Again the reason our rates are higher is because of the points stated above) So call me a socialist, I'd rather have a government who takes my money to help the little guy and everyone else in my country by growing the economy as a whole, as opposed to having everyone pay for everything and not having some balance in society.

    Just to inform you, Canada is looked upon as a model for financial stability unlike your country that spent frivolously and without reason to then place the world (along with a number of other factors) into a global recession.

    I'm not saying I don't believe in free markets or some capitalism in society, as that is what is needed in order to have a "perfect" economy...unfortunately Romney believes more in the latter rather than the former.

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