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  • chlamydiapapiloma chlamydiapapiloma Oct 4, 2012 2:03 PM Flag

    after the A#### whoooping obama got last night

    Did you see the polls after the debate?

    Romney did KO Obama. No candidate has ever suffered a more thorough defeat in a presidential debate. CNN had Romney winning with 67% of the sample.

    You're also as always 100% wrong about sitting presidents' performance. Carter did well in the first debate, then was totally owned by Reagan in the second one, leading to a 20 point swing from the polls to the final result.

    Can you possibly really be so out to lunch as not to realize that Romney will destroy Obama on foreign policy? His administration is responsible for the deaths in Libya, then blatantly tried to lie their way out of the disaster, making things worse for Americans in Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan & elsewhere. His precipitous withdrawal from Iraq handed the country over to Iran & his policies in Afghanistan have only emboldened the Taliban. You are an idiot.

    You exist in a fool's paradise.

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