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  • fizrwinnr11 fizrwinnr11 Oct 9, 2012 1:00 PM Flag

    How I'm turning a 14.8% mortgage REIT into at least a 23.8% annual return

    Sold 40 contracts of the 25-strike naked puts expiring in Jan. 2014 for AGNC ($33.88 stock with $5.00 annual dividend) for $135 apiece. Net proceeds after commissions of $5,370 with cash margin requirements of $16,400. If the stock holds above its margin-safe price of $28.15, the nominal return for 15.5 months will be 32.7% which is at the pace of 23.8% annualized. Morevover, the gains will be long-term.

    10/09/2012 12:47:07 Sold 40 AGNC Jan 18 2014 25.0 Put @ 1.35 5,370.19

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • Porkulus bill that retarded economic recovery, while increasing national debt by a trillion bucks, just to pay back campaign contributions from sure to fail "Green" companies?

      Piling up six trillion dollars more debt in less than four years by borrowing & printing money?

      Ballooning our budget deficits?

      Never once in 2009, 2010, 2011 or 2012 presenting a credible budget that could garner even Democrat votes in Congress?

      "Bailing out" the UAW by stealing from GM & Chrysler bond holders, while doing nothing to help actual auto workers?

      Taking over a seventh of our economy in order to provide much worse health care at much greater cost, while cramming Obamacare down the throats of a public which doesn't want its death panels?

      Despite dithering for months & having opposed the intel techniques that led us to Osama, taking credit for killing bin Laden, insulting our Special Forces operators?

      Abandoning our allies in the Arab world so that radical Islamists could murder Americans with impunity & greatly increase the threat to Israel?

      Undoing the 1996 changes to welfare?

      Apologizing & blaming America for unrest in the Muslim world, rather than punishing the murderers of Americans?

      Treating the underwear bomber as a criminal instead of an enemy combatant?

      If not these achievements, then what is it that makes you such a staunch Obamanista?

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