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  • avanipgold avanipgold Oct 12, 2012 12:02 PM Flag

    Since Alan crowed about Obama's assumed 251 EVs on the RCP map, that number has dropped


    Liar! When did Romney ever say he was willing to let the auto industry go under? He was OK with letting GM go BK, as indeed it should have done. That would have had zero effect on US production of autos, fool. Instead, Obama stole the company from its bondholders & gave it to the UAW in exchange for campaign support.

    This topic is deleted.
    • SPOT ON. Bondholders lost billions to the unions who in turn paid Obama by campaign contributions. End of story. At the time GM was at the bottom it owed 110 Billion and only had assets of 10 Billion. I for one will never buy a GM product.


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