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  • fortythreeold fortythreeold Oct 18, 2012 5:03 PM Flag


    congrats to you... you take the cake for being the dumbest monica lewinski on the board... romney is ONLY for the rich... he insults everyone's intelligence if they have any.... he just wants to keep the rich's 15% LONG-TERM capital gains that bush gave him. so he offers people who can't afford to qualify for LONG-TERM capital gains an opportunity to gamble with money they don't have so when they need it, they sell the stock at a loss and can only claim it as income or in the case of a loss, deduct 3k per year maximum off the front end of your return which is total income... why he can urinate in front of you and you'll say obama is wearing a romney costume.... the 90's music group TLC sold 75 million dollars worth of music CD's and Clive Davis issued them a check for 50k each while they tour the world exposing their flesh and performing... you're stupid to think the rich have your back. and you ain't rich or you wouldn't be on this board. people on these boards do not qualify for long term capital gains. nobody cares about short-term if they are looking for the capital gains. you need tons of disposable income... romney donating 20 percent of his income is nothing compared to most of us after donating 1 dollar. If i had his money I'd donate at least 50 percent.... He needs to buy his way through life because he's really not likeable... not interested in helping the poor as they have a safety net... let's see how safe he feels having barely enough to eat and diving under his folding table to avoid drive by's outside his run down apt. he'd be committed to a mental institution in less than 3 weeks... take your head out of your rass... stop trying to monica lewinski your way up the pyramid.... you will slide down fast and hard....

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