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  • waterpunnnk waterpunnnk Oct 22, 2012 12:08 PM Flag

    Ruffturd chased everyone away

    "Thanks Chartness for the free education."

    Yes, just look at what he has taught everyone!

    "Fragmin is just a new name for Oporia"

    "the closer it gets to the end of 2011, the closer Pfizer should be to having its stock in the low 40's."

    "The stock market simply will not allow the price of Pfizer's stock to yield much more than 4.25%"

    "I'll take the riskless investment with Pfizer."

    " Pfizer at these prices is virtually riskless." [$24.61]

    "I see no more than a buck risk to the downside at this point since at $25, the stock would be yielding 4.64%."

    "Range theory tells me that Pfizer cannot be prevented from busting through $29 resistance before 2008 is out. I'm putting my money, my credibility and my ability to continue posting here on that assertion."

    "I'm not going to lose any sleep if after feeling that the stock would go no lower than $25 it turns out that something like $24.80 ended up being the closing low. If I'm off the mark, it isn't by very much."

    "This company is just not going to be allowed to yield something like 4.7%."

    "I'm risking "total capital destruction" when my breakeven is down to $24.45, the company will be paying at least a $1.28 annual dividend within five months, 2008 consensus earnings are at $2.34 and the stock is still south of $26?"

    "Unless there is some kind of real travesty, you won't ever be seeing me down on my investment anymore. "

    "2011 begins the time when hordes of baby boomers start turning 65. And that's the yeer when management thinks that the company's current early-stage pipeline will really start bearing fruit. "

    " Johns simply don't get hassled in Vegas unless they are truly doing things that are egregious or in public. "

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