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  • xquestor xquestor Oct 25, 2012 11:15 AM Flag

    Romney's lead in favorable ratings keeps growing

    Voting Obama out of office will make him accountable for the mess the USA is in. I also believe that he should be indited for not sending in Special Forces to save the 4 Americans. Neglect of duty by Obama is punishable by death if you are in the military. He is the Commander in Chief!


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    • You appear to be suffering from presbyopia.

      Obama has been trying desperately to straighten Bush's mess for the past four years without any cooperation from the opposition. Where have you been?

      Should Romney get in, he will straighten the disorder out during the first week. (snicker) There are also many other things he will do on the first day he gets in. You're one of those that believes he will capture some small country before lunch and still have enough energy to set up government by dinner. We've met people like you before.

      Leave politics to adults.

    • Yes, Obama is currently the Commander in Chief. This is why he'll probably hang you by the scrotum as he's fed up with having you in his hair every day.

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