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  • carolharold123 carolharold123 Oct 24, 2012 12:02 AM Flag


    Gee, are you telling me no WMDs? I find that hard to believe. Rich boy Kerry (the Dems didn't mind his wealth) told us again and again Iraq had massive amounts of WMDs. BTW loser, how about telling me the meaning of neocon.

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    • To carolharold123: Neocons - those who believe in using America's military power to spread democracy throughout the world, by force if need be, and without worrying about allies and treaties in doing so. How's that? Do you have a better definition? Tell me.

      Forget about what Kerry or Hillary said. That didn't bring about the war. What were the statements that took us to war in Iraq? Who made those statements? Think carefully. Did Kerry say that "Saddam was seeking large quantities of uranium in Africa"? No, that was Bush. Did Kerry lie in front of the UN about a ficticious WMD factory near Baghdad? No, Powell did. Powell sold the war to people like me. He was a militery man, not a career politician. I believed him. Did Hillary talk about "mushroom clouds? No, that was Rice and Bush. Who told us that Iraqi oil woud pay for the cost of the war? Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Secretary Defense under Rummy.

      By the way, many people still believe WMD were found and that Iraq was involved with Al Qaeda.

    • Gee, are you telling me no WMDs?
      Hey featherhead, how about telling us what kind of WMDs did the US find AFTER invading and occupying Iraq all these years?

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