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  • fizrwinnr11 fizrwinnr11 Oct 27, 2012 12:55 PM Flag

    David Pelka

    Where did you find the name of my new bridge partner? Did we get some kind of writeup for our regional title? For your info, he's as smart a person as I have ever met. He's an optical physisist who has a passion for creating precise bridge bidding systems. He designed the system I had so much success with when I played three to four decades ago with former partner Robert Radwin. He has been happily married for almost a half century and he has a couple of kids and some grandkids. He's about the only friend I have who is of normal weight (all of the other ones like to eat). He's as far from a loser as you will ever see.

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    • Did you ever hear of this new-fangled thing called the Internet? It's even more new-fangled than push button phones.

      Not only Detractor, who may be posting from Italy already, but myself & probably many others had no trouble finding the optical physicist with an interest in bridge on the Net.

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      • It's perfectly obvious that the info came from the Net but the $64,000 question is exactly WHERE on the net do you find such stuff? When I got my name in the New York Times in late March of 1982, it was for a truly significant achievement - a Top Five finish in a NATIONAL tournament. This win was nice to be sure but it was only in a dime-a-dozen regional and i certainly didn't get my name in the NYT for that one. The Los Angeles Times has very little bridge coverage and they would never mention results in just a regional event.

        You know, I have just a bare-bones computer and it didn't come with a users manual of exactly how to find out certain things. You have a big advantage on me as obviously you do have such a manual. Who should I call to get this manual and to then be able to get the kind of info that you get?

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