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  • bitemesally bitemesally Nov 3, 2012 1:26 PM Flag

    Huge five-point surge by Obama in the Iowa Electronic Market

    I'm not one that will compliment all people, however, when I see outstanding ability like I see in you, I will not hesitate to give you plaudits when it's due. Like all prognostications you've made so far, it appears that you will be unmistakened in your election appraisal. Talk of perception.

    Ever since I've been on the Pfizer board, you have never let anyone with a clear vision down. You always tell it like it is. Your wisdom and knowledge of business and politics amaze everyone except those that think they know it all.

    How some people can accurately predict certain outcomes, beats me! Most people here are pulling for Obama to take it all. Many of us believe that your nation is once again showing the friendliness that was so apparent when your affable President Clinton was in power. Obama is most conciliatory, hence the reason to have him for another term.

    We are told your country is made up of roughly sixty percent liberals and fourty percent conservatives if our figures are right. Of course, in moments of crises these percentages can easily oscillate. As of today, we can see this election going fifty two percent for Obama this time around. Time will tell if we're off the mark.

    Keep up the good work!

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